Dragon Age: Origins Mods Installation Guide

Dragon Age: Origins no doubt was one of the best RPG's of the decade. Its Mod's add another dimension to it, find out how to play one.

Dragon Age: Origins no doubt was one of the best RPG’s of the decade. The game is addictive enough to keep you spell bounded till its end. It’s Mods and DLC add more fun to the game. Thanks “DA Modder” tool, you can enjoy your game in different ways. Installing a mod using DA Modder isn’t tricky at all. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1
You need to download DA Modder tool. Once you have downloaded the tool, install (unzip) it in your hard drive. Make sure that you have unzipped the archive in the same folder as Dragon Age.

Step 2
lick “DA Modder.exe” file to launch the tool. Once it is opened, all you need to do is choose the mod you want to apply. You can do it either by directly dragging the mod into DA Modder or you can simply select it by pressing the “Select Mod” button.

Step 3
DA Modder can only accept mods with extension .ZIP or .DAZIP. The later file extension (.DAZIP) is included in the mods designed with Dragon Age tool set. These mods contains only the official DLCs or it can have fan created mods.

Now to install mod, you need to click install mod button and a windows will pop up telling about the small details like the version and author details. But if your mod is in .ZIP extension, then there will be no such pop up and your mod needs to be evaluated. You can click OK and proceed if you are sure about the mod but if you are not, then I will recommend that you don’t install it till you verify it’s integrity.

Note. If your Mod is in some other extension like .7z or .RAR then you need to change the extension to .ZIP for the mod to work. You can simply do that by extracting the files first in any folder and then archive the folder into the required (.ZIP) format using “WinRAR” tool.

Popular Dragon Age: Origins ModsThese are the mods, you may want to try:

  • Weapons Mod
    You can use Oblivion: Elder Scrolls weapons using this mod.
  • Alley of Murderers
    In this mod, you are to chase some dangerous murders and take them down.
  • Shapeshifting Mod
    Using this mod, you can shapeshift yourself into 20 different forms in 5 classes.

Tell us your favorite Dragon Age: Origins mod ? and your expectations about Dragon Age: Origins 2.

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