Dragon Age Inquisition Valammar Dungeon Guide, Unlock Vault of Valammar

Dragon Age Inquisition Valammar Dungeon guide walks you through completing the dungeon filled with loot and unlocking Vault of Valammar.

Valammar is a Dwarven outpost, which can be accessed by a passageway found in the Hinterlands. Although this dungeon is filled with treasures and must-do as early as possible, it is advised you don’t enter before level 7 or 8.

When you decide to enter this dungeon, make sure you have a maxed-out potion inventory and preferably a rogue in your party. Moreover, if you are on level 7 or 8, make sure you pack the best gear possible because you’re in for a fight.

The following guide will help you complete this quest and hopefully, you’ll make it back in one piece.

Dragon Age Inquisition Valammar Dungeon

Now, Carta is not a stupid kind, so be very cautious. In Valamar, you will see a bridge just past the entrance. The bridge seems to be guarded by single Carta bowmen but another one is hiding somewhere and will attack you while you are busy with the bowmen.

That’s not the end of your problems. There is a camp near the bridge which is guarded by two more bowmen and a Carta grunt. They will rush to aid their buddies on the bridge. Furthermore, on the bridge, the stairs which lead to the upper terrace are guarded by two Carta bowmen.

In a nearby room, there is a destructible wall and once the wall is taken down, the treasure behind it is all yours. You’ll also see a door that can be unlocked by a rogue. Behind it, is a trading post with more loot and some Carta notes.

While continuing to move forward on the upper terrace, take the stairs down. There, you’ll see two bowmen battling with Hurlock. Help each side kill the other. Once that’s done, you should prepare yourself for a battle against the Carta leader and his personal guards.

You’ll find the Carta leader in the Vat room hanging out with a couple of bowmen, a grunt, and an enforcer. Mostly, the leader is the toughest of them all but that’s not the case. Take the easier targets down first and that includes the Carta leader.

Also, take down the other two bowmen and save the enforcer for last as he is the toughest. This way you won’t have to worry about the others and can take on the enforcer without interruptions.

As soon as you finish off the last remaining Carta in the Vat room, your quest is complete.

Take all the loot and take a look at some of the notes that Carta left behind. You’ll also find a Dwarven gear, when you loot it, you’ll start a new side quest called The Vault of Valamar.

The Vault of Valammar

Vault of Valammar is triggered after you are done with the Deep Down Trouble quest. Inside the vat room, there is a sealed vault, your objective is to find two gears and use them to open the vault.

The one gear you already found after killing the Carta leader can be placed on the vault door right away. However, if you want to go beyond this vault door, you must find the second piece of gear to unlock it.

Exit the vat room and cross the bridge. On the right side, you’ll find the Hall of Elders, its door must be unlocked by using a rogue. In the treasure room, you’ll find the mosaic piece of the Fall along with a number of loot chests.

The largest one contains a second piece of gear. Pick it up and return to the vault room to unlock it and complete your quest.

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