Dragon Age Inquisition The Fallow Mire Side Quests Guide

Complete walkthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition The Fallow Mire Side Quests to set up Inquisition stronghold in the area, farm Power and influence points, unlock new areas.

The Fallow Mire can be found south of the Hinterlands.

You will mostly encounter undead throughout The Fallow Mire. You will start in the area by establishing the Inquisition Camps leading to battle with Widris.

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Dragon Age Inquisition The Fallow Mire Side Quests

There are six side quests in The Fallow Mire. If you find any difficult in completing these side quests, you can follow step by step instructions below:

Holding The Mire
Quest Location / Objective: Speak to Scout Harding to start this quest. Your Objective is to establish camps for the Fellow Mire.

Reward: 1 power and 50 Influence

Walkthrough: After the quest is triggered, campsites will be marked on your map. Just go to these locations and establish these camps to get experience, influence and fast-travel points. There are only two camp to be established, so this shouldn’t take long.

Lost Souls
Quest Location / Objective: The is started automatically when you visit the war map. Your objective is to release the Inquisition hostages. Keep in mind that in order to run it, you’ll need 8 power.

Reward: 3 power,  400 influence, 1,025 XP

Walkthrough: Head southwest along the road from the first camp, you’ll encounter a bunch of undead enemies. There is no need to engage, just run past them. Go inside the open gate and engage the Awar defender and bowmen.

Finish them off and climb on top of the wooden ramps to reach the castle walls. Use the switch to open the gate to the next section. Once the gate is opened and enter to fight another wave of warriors.

Take them down to reach the leader. Once the leader is dead, free the hostages to complete this quest.

Beacon in the Dark
Quest Location / Objective: The quest starts when the first beacon is lit in The Fellow Mire. Your objective is to light the beacon and kill all the demons.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 967 XP

Walkthrough: There are four of these beacons and search locations will be marked on your map, once you reach the first one, which is located to the southwest of your starting position.

When you reach the first one, lit the vellfire torch on the beacon using a mage. Doing so will summon some of the undead minions along with their demon master. Kill the master and the rest will die.

Focus all the attention of your party on the demon. You will have to face these creatures at every beacon but the fight should be easy. After you clear the first one, find the other three in the southwest of the first.

Beneath the Mire
Quest Location / Objective: Examine the rune at the beacons you cleared in “Beacon in the Dark.” You must interact with the vellfire to create a torch, carry that to find  runes on the beacons. Your objective is to recover the apostate journal.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 512 XP

Walkthrough: There are a total of 4 runes to be found. Once you find the first rune, which triggers the quest, look for the remaining 3 at the other beacons. Finding all three will resolve this quest

Cabin Fever
Quest Location / Objective: Find a locked cabin just northwest of the fourth beacon in the “Beacon in the light” quest. The cabin has a locked door, interact with it to start this quest. Your objective is to unlock the cabin.

Reward: 80 influence and 128 XP

Walkthrough: Once the quest is triggered, your compass will start to glow. Use your search ability to find the key in the west. Unlock the door to complete this quest.

These Demons Are Clever
Quest Location / Objective: This quest starts after you read a journal placed near the second beacon. You can find the first beacon across a lake near the Fisher’s End Camp. The second one is south of the first beacon.

Your objective is to find and kill Widris.

Reward: 2 power, 200 influence and 967 XP

Walkthrough: This quest will take you to the west from the third beacon. You’ll notice a small gap between the rocks, pass through the gap to enter an area with a rift. You must close the rift.

Once the rift is closed, head west and you’ll notice another gap in the rocks. A watery path will take you to the north. At the end of this path, you’ll find Widris. Kill him to complete this quest.

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