Dragon Age: Inquisition New Follower Vivienne Announced by BioWare

Did you enjoy having companions in Dragon Age 2? Well, they will return to Dragon Age: Inquisition as followers and fight by the side of your lead character. That being said, BioWare has revealed one of the followers, Vivienne – a tough looking lady.

The reveal came through a tweet from the official profile of Dragon Age: Inquisition where they also shared an image and announced that on Friday every month they will be revealing new followers in the game.

Follower Friday: Each month, we’ll look at one of the followers you’ll meet in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Learn about Vivienne next week!

As I was surfing through the official website of Dragon Age, I stumbled upon a screenshot of The Inquisitor and his Followers (see below). If you look closer you will see Vivienne standing on the right side of The Inquisitor.


While the reveal image only shows the new Follower’s top half of the body, this image gives us a glimpse on her from head to toe. Also, the image has at least two other Followers, we shall be looking forward to know about them next month.

We shall keep you informed on further developments regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition and the upcoming cast; starting with follower Vivienne next week. Stay tuned!

Dragon Age: Inquisition has not received a release date yet but BioWare has given a release window of third quarter this year.

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