Dragon Age Inquisition Errors, Crashes, PC Controls, DirectX, Stuttering, Freezes, Save Fixes

Dragon Age Inquisition may have impressed the majority on consoles, but it still needs to fix a lot of bugs, performance and UI-related problems on PC.

Even if the majority of the PC community forgets about controls for a moment, there are so many game-breaking bugs and performance-related problems that need to be addressed immediately.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you can look for workarounds in the list that follows!

#1 – Dragon Age Inquisition PC Controls are Bad?
That’s not an issue you can fix at the moment. You will have to wait for Bioware to release patches to fix the controls if they ever do.

#2 – Dragon Age Inquisition Unable to Connect to Dragon Age server
If you are finding it difficult to connect to Dragon Age Keep to make decisions from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 and upload Dragon Age: Inquisition Campaign progress, just wait a few hours, it should be resolved by that time.

You may also get an error when trying to sign into Origin. Alternatively, you can re-install Origin. Doing so has fixed the issue for some!


#3 – Dragon Age Inquisition Stuck at “Press Start Button” Screen / Using Xbox One Controller When Keyboard Not Working!
Until Bioware releases a patch that makes Xbox One work properly with Dragon Age: Inquisition, go to documents and find save directory in bioware/dragonageinquisition/.

You should find two profile files that you can delete. Deleting these profile files will restart the game from the beginning. When the game starts, you will be able to play with Keyboard / Mouse.

Do note that you can either use Mouse / Keyboard or a Controller, you can’t have both.

#4 – Dragon Age Inquisition Weapon Switching
You cannot switch weapons on the fly. You will have to do that outside of combat. Stop wondering why you are allowed to invest points into sub-class when you cannot do it on the fly, and enjoy the game instead.

#5 – Dragon Age Inquisition DirectX Crashes Fix
If your game is randomly crashing to desktop with DirectX related errors, you must download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.

Downloading and installing the update should fix these random crashes.

Alternatively, open ProfileOptions_profile, go through all the settings and make sure the default value of all variables is 1. If there is something greater than 1, change it to 1.

Doing so will reset everything to default. Restart the game and it shouldn’t give you any error.

#6 – Can’t Make Xbox One Controller to Work on PC?
Wireless controllers do not work with Dragon Age Inquisition by default. If you want to play it with a Xbox One controller, you need a wired-controller.

To make your wireless controller work with the game, make sure it’s on before you start the game, use your mouse to switch over to the gamepad.

If you tried to do it any other way, you will not be able to make your wireless controller work with the game.

#7 – How to Unlock Pre-order and Deluxe Edition Items
When you wake up, you will find a chest in the room called ‘Special Delivery’. That chest will include all the Pre-Order / Deluxe Edition Items.

#8 – Dragon Age Inquisition Application Can’t Start
Update or Re-install your .Net Framework. Make sure you have the updated drivers and updates for Windows.

If that doesn’t cut it, re-install Dragon Age Inquisition because the error may be due to corrupted or missing files. You should also try to restart the computer and try to run the game again.

Alternatively, you can try to run the application as administrator.

#9 – Dragon Age Inquisition Stuttering, Low FPS, Lag During Cut-scenes
This may be caused by the 30 FPS limit forced in the game.

To get rid of the imposed limit, make a shortcut and add “-GameTime.MaxSimFps 60 -GameTime.ForceSimRate 60+” at the end.

Removing 30 FPS Cap will ultimately fix stuttering, low fps and lag during cut-scenes. You can WATCH THIS VIDEO for a detailed tutorial.

If that doesn’t help, disable Post Processing and lower the last two graphics options in the menu.

#10 – Dragon Age Inquisition Errors in Character Menu, Parts are Cut-off
At extremely high resolutions ‘2560×1080’, you may occasionally come across a character menu screen with parts of it cut off from the sides. It’s a rare issue but nonetheless, something that would be fixed with upcoming patches.

#11 – Dragon Age Inquisition Sound ‘No Voice During Cut-scenes’
If, for some reason, you aren’t hearing any voice during the cut-scenes, you may want to try to the age-old solution to the problem.

Right Click on the Sound Icon on the lower right of your Windows and open ‘Sounds’ option.

Go to Playback > Speakers > Configure > and choose Stereo. If that doesn’t help, click on the Sound Icon > Playback devices and right click on Speakers > Properties > Advanced and choose 24bit, 44100Hz.

#12 – Dragon Age Inquisition Invalid License. Reason Code = Missing DLL [MSVCP110.dll] Error: 0x7e
If you come across this error, you must download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4.

If the issue is still unresolved, you can repair the installation through Origin or try re-installing. You can also try manually installing the MSVCP110.dll file.

#13 – Dragon Age Inquisition Can’t See the Mouse? Menu Greyed Out?
You need to disable Origin Overlay in game. Click on Origin > Application Settings > Origin In Game and uncheck Enable Origin in Game. If the problem still exists, make sure you disable third party applications like Xfire, Raptr and Fraps.

#14 – Dragon Age Inquisition Save Failed Due to Insufficient Space
The issue may have something to with your computer not seeing the game has redirected ‘My Documents’ folder and setting it offline. Resolving that issue should fix the save problem. Just change your My Documents folder back to C drive to fix the issue.

#15 – Dragon Age Inquisition AMD Mantle API Locked?
Install the updated drivers from AMD, do a clean re-install and clear your registry. That will fix the issue for you.

#16 – Dragon Age Inquisition Freezes
If after launching the game, your game freezes; you can hear the music but the game stops responding; you should make sure that you meet minimum requirements for the game and have updated drivers.

You may also experience freezes in game if you are using an overlay software like Rivatuner. Disable it to get rid of random crashes and freezes in the game.

#17 – Dragon Age Inquisition Random Crashes
Random crashes are caused by the programs with overlay. Disabling overlay in-game will definitely resolve the issue. Assuming that you already have updated your graphics card’s drivers.

#18 – Dragon Age Inquisition Gender Bug
Are you being seen as a female when you have created a male character? Hoping to romance unromancable characters? You can’t. You still are classed as a male character. This is just an annoyance you will have to bear until a patch fixes it.

#19 – Downloading Stuck at 1%
If you are at console, note that initial download is 6GB while the complete install is around 46GB. Wait a bit and the issue should fix itself, especially if you are on a slow Internet.

#20 – Can’t Import World State Due to Family Settings?
Check your privacy setting and make sure that the “Share outside of Xbox Live” setting is turned on. Go through the new game start again and this time, you should be able to import your World State from the Keep.

#21 – Dragon Age Inquisition Blackscreen After Loading Screen
You start the game, hear the music, but it is followed by a Blackscreen. This may be happening to you because you are using a dual-core processor while the game requires a quad-core processor.

If you meet the minimum system requirements and are on Windows 8, try running the game in compatibility mode of Windows 7.

#22 – Dragon Age Inquisition Character Creation Error – Character is Missing
It’s a render failure; issues such as this only occur due to graphics card’s drivers. Make sure you have updated your drivers.

#23 – Dragon Age Inquisition stuck on loading screen
Update your graphics’ card’s drivers to resolve the issue.

#25 – Dragon Age Inquisition Setup Cannot Continue (1603)
Follow these step by step instructions by Michael:

Step 1
Go to the Dragon Age Inquisition game folder. Mine installed to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition”

Step 2
In the directory “__Installer”, you’ll find a folder called “vc”. Inside vc, you’ll find 3 folders: vc2008sp1, vc2012, and vc2013.

Step 3
Within each directory are folder’s called “redist”, and within each of those are corresponding .exe files. Run each of these files.

Step 4
For this fix, you should note that at least one failed to install. You’ll need to note which one of these failed, and then search the internet for a version that is compatible. In my case, Origin wanted me to install “vcredist_x64”, but this failed. I found “vcredist_x86” was compatible — installing this onto my computer instead.

Step 5
The last step in “tricking” Origin into allowing you to play DAI, by renaming the working vcredist files as the ones that are found within the DAI “__Installer” directories, deleting the non-working ones and then replacing them with the working ones.

I renamed the file I found online (vcredist_x86) to the same name as the incompatible file (vcredist_x64), then replaced the old file with my own.

Step 6
Run the installation again.

#26 Dragon Age Inquisition – VC++ Runtime Redistributable Package Error Fix
You need to install all the executable files in the redist folder of your game’s directory. If that doesn’t help, download the latest package from Microsoft’s official website. Make sure that you unisntall the old one before proceeding with the new installation.

If you come across any other issue, comment and we will help you out!

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