Doom Update Will Add Classic Aiming And Photo Mode

A Doom update has been announced by Bethesda, which will add a Classic Aiming option, along with adding in a Photo Mode for the game.

The publisher of the recent Doom game, Bethesda, has announced that iD Software will soon be releasing a Doom update that will bring back some of the things that were in the original Doom games, along with a photography mode so that you can take snapshots of some of your cool moments. The update will also be bringing back classic Doom aiming.

In the original Doom game there was no Y-axis to allow you to aim up and down, so your gameplay was essentially pointing your weapon in the rough direction of your enemy, pulling the trigger, and seeing them go down. This would even happen if your enemies were on a different platform than you, or higher, or lower.

One of the minor criticisms of Doom, even with a game that has such a huge amount of polish, was that the game did not have a classic aiming option, even when it had multiple bonus levels that were throwbacks to the original Doom game.

The photo mode, however, is a new addition to the game. Numerous photo modes have come up in other games such as 2014’s Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor that have allowed you to pause the game and take photos of various moments.

Considering everything you can do in the new Doom game, ranging from its many glory kills to other cinematic moments, photo mode may become very popular.

The game has also recently gotten its SnapMap mode added in recently, so people could also remake classic Doom levels in that while making use of the classic aiming from the old game.

This Doom update will be the game’s very first since it launched back in May, aside from a variety of patches on it, so hopefully everything will go well and work like it’s supposed to.

The Doom update will release tomorrow, June 30, for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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