Doom Pre-Order Incentives on Xbox One Revealed

The Doom pre-order incentives have apparently been revealed on the Australian Xbox Store revealing some extra games. Though Doom 3 is missing.

A Doom pre-order page has appeared on the Xbox Store page in Australia. Though the page appears to have been removed, it still looked to be offering some interesting incentives.

Based on a report on Reddit users are reporting that the pre-order will include the first Doom game, as well as Doom 2, and the multiplayer pack. Some users are a little disappointed that the Doom 3 wasn’t included.

The reason for the game not being included could be down to backwards compatibility, or issues between game publishers. There will no doubt be a reason if Doom 3 is left out, or we may even find that when the pre-order page re-appears it may actually be included.

With the game being released May 13, there is still plenty of time for the pre-order incentives to change. Some others were even revealed previously (for other platforms too). The listed pre-order incentives that have been revealed in the past have also included the Multiplayer pack which is supposedly mentioned on the Australian pre-order page.

When pages like this appear, normally they do end up being real. This was the case with the Dark Souls 3 pre-order page which had a similar reveal. This one was later confirmed, just as this new Doom one will probably be too.

With Doom being highly anticipated, and details apparently leaked based on datamining anticipation is growing around the title. Hopefully it lives up to expectations.

What are your thoughts on these Doom pre-order bonuses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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