Doom Install Size is 47GB, Prepare Your Systems

The new Doom is right around the corner so it time to know just how space it would take in our HDDs. Doom install Size is 47GB so it may be time to free up some space on your HDD.

That is massive because The Witcher 3 clock in at 39GB on consoles. If you the 500GB version of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One you might need to remove some data before installing this Doom because its size will increase with DLCs.

Doom will soon available to preload on PC and PlayStation 4. Xbox One users can go ahead preload the game right now.


Steam Preloading – Begins at 12 AM ET on May 11th

Game Launch Unlock and Server Launch

  • Australia/New Zealand @ 12 am AEST
  • North America @ 12 am ET
  • Europe @ 12 am GMT +1
  • Japan/South Korea/Rest of Asia – 12 am Japan

PlayStation Network

PlayStation Store Pre Loading – 12 am ET (North America)/ 12 am local time (rest of world) on Wednesday, May 11th.

Game Launch Unlock and Server Launch

  • New Zealand @ 12 am local time
  • Australia @ 12 am local time
  • North America @ 12 am ET
  • Europe @ 12 am local time
  • Asia – 12 am local time.
  • Japan – 12 am local time on May 19th

Head over here to check out Doom launch trailer. You should also know that Doom easter eggs have revealed classic Doom 2 maps.

The latest Doom is releasing on May 13 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It aims to revive this classic series but only time will tell how successful it is with its goal.

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