Doom Eternal Taras Nabad Walkthrough

This Doom Eternal Taras Nabad Walkthrough will help you acquire a legendary weapon called ‘The Crucible’ and stop Khan Maykr's plans

The Taras Nabad mission starts off with a message from Khan Maykr, who has taken over VEGA and threatens to resurrect the Icon of Sin and destroy the Earth. You must stop her before it’s too late. This Doom Eternal Taras Nabad Walkthrough will help you acquire a legendary weapon called ‘The Crucible’ and stop Khan Maykr’s plans.

Doom Eternal Taras Nabad

Kill The Escaped Demons
The very first objective of this mission requires to clear the stronghold of every single Escaped Demon. This is like any other DOOM mission; you just need to mow down all the monsters in whatever way you find adequate.

Return Power To Your Ship
After eliminating all the demons, make your way to the marked point and interact with the machine to power up the ship. This will start a cutscene showing that your next destination is Taras Nabad.

Interact with the crucible in front of you to open up the portal. Step in and you will be teleported to Taras Nabad.

Retrieve Your Crucible
Your first objective on Taras Nabad is to retrieve the Crucible. Walk forward until you make your way out of the cave, then jump on to the platform to your left and continue walking forward.

Here, you will be attacked by quite a few monsters so be prepared. Keep an eye on where you’re moving so you don’t fall off the platform.

Once you make your way up the stairs, punch both of the rings on each side to open up the gate. A shielded boss will pop out of here. Though the music of the game implies he’s a big deal, he goes down very easily.

Enter through the gate and jump down to your left onto the pole sticking out, then jump onto the platform ahead and you will come across another gate.

From here, jump onto the wall to your left and climb up to get on the bridge. Get the Praetor Suit Point from the left, then jump down the hole to the right.

This will lead you into a large open area with a ton of enemies. Clear the area of all the monsters and make your way to the marked point.

Punch the glowing green sign on the statues back to push it forward, then jump down and touch the new green thing on the tombstone.

This will open up the sewer in front of you. Jump right in and destroy all the breakables by dashing. Then, go back up above the sewer and peep through the little opening below the statue. Shoot the gate deep into it to open the circular gate underneath it.

Swim through here and climb up to arrive at the next checkpoint. Grab the Praetor Suit Point and make your way forward into the open area.

Go up the stairs to your left and open the gate. After the cutscene, keep moving forward and clear this new open area of the monsters. You have to now punch the red rings in the area to have the platform in the middle take you down.

Dive down into the water and destroy the green breakable to dry out the water. Now, use the box to parkour up to the opening, which is glowing green, and shoot it to open up the gate below.

Go through it and keep moving up towards the marked point. Deal with the monsters here and make your way up the stairs, then climb out of the sewer. Make your way up to the giant monster above you and pull the sword handle from its chest cavity.

Clean up all the monsters to open up the orange gate to your left. Go through, turn left, and climb up.

Move forward and grab the extra life, then jump to the platform to your right to spawn more monsters. After dealing with them, dash through the green breakable you see on the wall and go up to the second floor. This will spawn even more monsters.

Keep moving forward while killing the monsters in your path, then jump down to the right, to the other end of the broken bridge. Hop down the hole in the ground and use the pole to get the 1UP, then go through the portal and enter the gate.

Move to the left and shoot the green thing on the gate to open it up. Punch the green rings in the room to open up the large gate in front of you. Now, get the red item and put it on your sword handle.

Move towards the marked point and go up the elevator, then jump down and interact with the skull which is surrounded by green light. Use the blue flames to propel yourself up and dash through the chain of the wrecking ball.

This will break the ground underneath so you can jump down. Jump all the way down to the water and dash through all the breakable, then shoot the gate in the little green opening. Jump up above and handle all the monsters.

Keep making your way towards the marked point until you come across another body of water. Break all the breakables here and then climb up to the newly opened area and continue moving towards the marked point, dealing with all the monsters in your path.

Once you’re at the little pool of red liquid, interact with it. This will put the actual sword onto your sword handle.

Congratulations! You have now acquired The Crucible and completed Doom Eternal Taras Nabad mission.