Doom Eternal Sentinel Crystal Locations Guide

Sentinel Crystals are the currency of DOOM so you can upgrade your Doom Slayer’s abilities to unleash his true potential. Use these upgrades to increase your health, armor and ammo stats allowing you to effectively tear through the monsters from hell. In this guide, we will give you all the Doom Eternal Sentinel Crystal Locations to find.

A number of these crystals can be encountered whilst playing through the main campaign of the game.

Doom Eternal Sentinel Crystal Locations

Fortress of Doom
A total of three sentinel crystals can be found here. The first one is given to you as part of the main story and cannot be missed; you can obtain it once you complete Hell on Earth.

The second and third crystals can be unlocked using sentinel batteries found from various levels. After gathering four of these batteries, head to the fortress of doom and unlock each of the two sentinel crystals by putting in the sentinel batteries.

Once you reach the purple goo area in Exultia, go through it to find the sentinel crystal lying just past the hostile tentacle that seems to be guarding it.

Cultist Base
Progressing through the story, you will find the sentinel crystal behind a door that unlocks, giving you some ammo as well.

Doom Hunter Base
Once you reach the first grabbable structure that is being supported by a claw. Use it to get to the next area, and instead of heading to the left, go to your right to find another grabbable small structure; use it and proceed to the swing bar. Do not head into the building and look around to find the sentinel crystal towards the back.

Super Gore Nest
Once you use the yellow key, drop down the elevator and go to the left room and grab the crystal in front of you.

ARC Complex
After entering the area underneath, go up the destroyed floor and break the wall to your left. Head up the stairs and climb up the ledge to find a sentinel crystal inside.

Mars Core
Keep following the main objective until you come across a grav lift that will propel you up through armor pieces. Once you reach the compound, head in to find the crystal next to a console.

Taras Nabad
Progress through the level, and after you beat the Cacodemons and the Pain Elemental, cross the broken bridge; drop down and do a 180, enter the room ahead of you and turn left to find the sentinel crystal.


Armor for Blood
Gives a boost to both armor and ammo. Picking up excessive armor will activate your blood punch.

Belch Armor Boost
Boosts your health and ammo, as well as increasing the armor drop rate from killing demons.

Health for Blood
Boosts your armor and health; at maximum health, all health pickups will activate your blood punch.

Loot Magnet
Be able to pick up any items from a much greater distance than before.

Napalm Belch
Give a boost to your ammo and health. All super heavy and heavy demons will stay on fire for longer after acquiring this upgrade.

Quickdraw Belch
Boosts your health and armor. Reduces the cooldown time of your flame belch ability.

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