Doom Eternal Gameplay Reveal Set For Next Month, Prepare For Some Hell

Doom was announced at E3 with a reveal trailer and that wasn’t enough for the fans so Bethesda has finally revealed that soon we’ll be getting our first look at Doom Eternal gameplay.

After the well hit and beloved reboot back in 2016, we are finally going to get a sequel for Doom which was revealed at E3 and Bethesda has promised to reveal more information about the game at QuakeCon in August.

Bethesda went on Twitter to reveal that Doom Eternal gameplay will be shown in a live stream for the first time on Friday, August 10. The show is taking place at QuakeCon 2018 and will be streamed live from the spot.

There are no timings yet for when the live stream will start but we will share them with you once they become available. Also no confirmation whether it’ll be a gameplay trailer of Doom Eternal or it’ll be a detailed demo of the game, either way, we are more than just excited.

There’s not much we know about Doom Eternal yet and it’s likely to not release this year but at the reveal, the developers assured us that the game will feature more demons than ever and more powerful abilities which are going to help you make your way through hell.

Doom 2016 brought the series back and it was very well received by everyone especially the campaign which was brutal so the sequel is surely going to deliver more and take a step further when it releases.

Doom Eternal is one of the big titles in work at Bethesda and clearly they have the strongest lineup till 2019 by having Fallout 76 taking the lead and Rage 2 releasing later.

Doom Eternal is in development by id Software for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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