Doom Eternal Exultia Collectibles Location Guide

In this Doom Eternal Exultia Collectible Locations guide, we have compiled every hidden goodie in the Exultia mission for you to find

DOOM Eternal, aside from all its gory gameplay encourages the player to go around its various locations and search for collectibles spread about. In this Doom Eternal Exultia Collectible Locations guide, we have compiled every hidden secret in the Exultia mission.

Doom Eternal Exultia Collectibles Locations

During your time in Exultia, you will find collectibles like Modbot, Codex, Toys etc. We have jotted down each collectible’s location that we know of so far found in Exultia.

Extra Life #1
The first extra life can be found by simply jumping down

Codex Entry #1
Following the path down to rebuild the celestial locator; as you platform and swing across a pole, you will find a wall with a green glowing crack to your left. Melee to break it, and proceed to the left to find the first codex entry titled Exultia.

Toy #1
Once you pick up the rune you were guided to by the main mission, head down the stairs and punch the cracked wall to your left to find the first toy.

Map Secret
As you make your way through the circular hall dodging all the fireballs, you will notice poles attached to the side of the central structure. Use the poles to parkour yourself further up and find the secret collectible towards the top.

Codex Entry #2
Heading outside and seeing two statues, go to the left from this direction; head past the blue potion and platform your way onto the climbable wall, only to find yourself next to another statue. Jump the gap to the visible codex entry titled The Wolf, on the other side.

Codex Entry #3
Playing for the objective of the game, you will eventually have to punch a chain in order to raise a generator. The codex entry titled History of Sentinels, can be found right next to this objective.

Codex Entry #4
Once the cutscene finally finishes, head out of the chamber and take the first right. You will find the fourth Codex Entry titled King Novik.

At Doom’s Gate Record
I personally found this to be extremely cool. Have a look at it yourself. This record can be found by the giant hand outside. Melee the big block to push it away and to reveal a path leading under and then up to a question mark. Here, you can find the record.

Codex Entry #5
After using the gauntlet to break the wall, parkour your way through the attachable walls and find the sixth codex entry found on the top titled, History of the Sentinels – Part 2.

Codex Entry #6
Head to the lower platforms as you see the zombie making its way across. You can find the next Codex Entry next to the broken pillar.

Toy #2
Once you get the notification concerning the Betrayer’s signal, head to the platform to the otherisde from the cliff, and jump over the molten rock to find the second toy in this area.

Codex Entry #7
Just follow the path after talking to the betrayer, it’s hard to miss. It can be found just before the booster.

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