Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Walkthrough

Doom Hunter Base is the 4th mission of the new game and in this Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Walkthrough,...

Doom Hunter Base is the 4th mission of the new game and in this Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base Walkthrough, we have covered every aspect of this level for you.

If you are stuck at any point during the mission and are unsure of what do to proceed, our Doom Hunter Base guide will take you through the complete mission.

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Base

As the mission starts, you need to go and destroy the mechanism using your fists. You are going to be on a train and you would have to go around and fight all the demons before you reach the mechanism and destroy it.

Soon you will be reaching the Base so be prepared as you are going to encounter another wave of enemies. Once you have killed all of them, you would have to jump on the platform with lasers and climb the wall in order to jump to another area.

Here you are going to come across some even more resistant and strong enemies but they will have vulnerable tails.

These are the new enemy, Pinky, and you have to fight them and get pass through them in order to enter the green portal. You are going to enter a new area where you are going to get a new challenge.

You need to move forward in order to leave the facility. You need to jump and grab the hanging coffin while being very careful as the coffin starts to go down. You need to be quick in jumping from one coffin to another in order to reach the new platform.

As you reach the new platform, you would have to jump on the wall and then pass through the door. You have to keep moving before you come across another coffin. You would have to jump over it and then on the one near it to reach another platform.

From here you are going to take the climbing wall which will take you to the foundry where you are going to encounter some monsters. You would have to fight with these monsters and then jump on the chest which is going to take you to one more platform.

Go through the door and keep moving forward until you have to jump on the crushers. You have to shoot the button and aim it in such a way where you can easily dodge from being crushed.

As you move forward, you would have to fight a few enemies and pass through various corridors before you have to jump on the coffin you see ahead. Grab that coffin and then grab the other one to jump on the side. Kill the enemies you see and then use the switch you find.

Jump on the platform you see ahead and then get ready to climb on the wall. You are basically looking for the room which has a switch in it. Press the button in order to jump on the wall in front of you then go a slight east to go to the next platform.

Here you are going to encounters demons that you have to take down. After you are done with this, you have to prepare yourself for another platform section. First, you need to jump on the bar and then you have to jump on the coffin.

Go to the next part of the map and pass through the door which is going to take you deeper inside the building. From here, you are not going to get much trouble as the path is pretty much straight.

You have to go outside and then around in order to look for the platform with the red discharges. Now shoot the green button you find at the top and jump to the bridge. Pass through another gate and it is going to trigger a cutscene.

Now you are going to fight Doom Hunter boss. There are some challenges in the Doom Hunter Base as well that you need to complete. These challenges include

Musical Interlude – Find a collector’s album. Check the page dedicated to the secrets.

Big Reveal – Use the automap station. Our guide also mentions where you can find the automap station.

Fire in the Hole! – Kill a group of 3 demons with a single fragmentation grenade.