Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Boss Guide

Doom Hunter is one of the major enemies that you will face in Doom Eternal. It is quite difficult a boss to beat as it has two shields and a sled that you have to break before you can actually damage it. This Doom Eternal Doom Hunter boss guide will walk you through the complete battle and equip you with tips so that you can take Doom Hunter down easily.

Doom Eternal Doom Hunter Boss

Doom Hunter is a Super Heavy Demon that specializes in long-range combat and lock-on missiles. It is a demon mounted on a sled that hovers around and shoots missiles rapidly. It also shoots plasma out of one hand and melees with the other.

In order to beat it, you have to destroy its shield first, then destroy the sled underneath it, so you can finally damage the Hunter and kill it.

You can avoid the lock-on rockets by using double jumps and dashes at the right moment.

The shield is the blue aura around Doom Hunter’s body. Use the Plasma Rifle to quickly destroy that with continued fire. It’ll eventually turn red and then go out. The shield will then reboot in a few seconds which will give you the window to inflict some damage.

Meanwhile the minions and other robots will keep coming at you. You can kill them to replenish health and ammo. Use chainsaw for the purpose.


When the Hunter’s Shield initially goes out, it’ll retreat and go away from this time, you can collect the ammo and restore the health you need.

After its shield reboots, you now have to destroy the sled that is continuously raining rockets at you. Aim at the sled until it is destroyed.

Once destroyed, the Doom Hunter will have been reduced to just a flying Hunter with no missiles and it’ll only be able to melee you. At this point, you have to inflict some more damage to finish it off.

This was just the first stage of the battle. When done with this, you’ll jump into the portal in the ground and land in an icy setting where you’ll have to handle not one but two Doom Hunters. Approach this the same way you did the last one. Just focus fire on one Hunter and take it out before you get to the other one.

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