DOOM Eternal Racist Controversy Offends Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors feel offended by the remarks heard from the voiceovers of the gameplay trailer for DOOM Eternal at QuakeCon.

The Social Justice Warriors claim to have been rubbed the wrong way with the racist quotes in the gameplay trailer of DOOM Eternal shown at QuakeCon earlier this weekend. Racism is not an issue to be taken casually especially nowadays, but still, id Software decided to go with it using some cold terms in the voiceovers of DOOM Eternal.

Political ideology’s ridiculing was felt by many Social Justice Warriors when a hologram spread in blue reminds to call demons as “mortally challenged” as the word demon itself “can be an offensive term”. This reference has got mixed reactions. Some people who simply know how and when to take a joke just enjoyed the pun made by DOOM Eternal developers. Whereas many felt insulted by a disastrous attempt at political correctness in DOOM Eternal.

Collin Brefka tweeted this while having a laugh just like any open-minded person would likely do.

It appears part of the game involves humanity allowing demons to immigrate to earth, ;D and they destroy the world. An AI read this quote out during the reveal gameplay. ‘Remember demon can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged’

Another quote from DOOM Eternal voiceovers which caused havoc over the internet was ‘Earth is the melting pot of the Universe!’. Let’s look at Windlass having a say about it on Twitter.

I watched the gameplay for the new ‘Doom’ game and i can’t be the only who noticed the very obvious anti-immigration rhetoric right? Juxtaposing political announcements like ‘Earth is the melting pot of the Universe!’ with images of a Hell blasted Earth, overrun by demons.

Windlass didn’t just stop there he further discussed the ridiculing of political correctness on twitter:

Lampooning ‘political correct terminology’ by having a happy-go-lucky hologram announcer saying ‘Demon may be considered offensive, the correct term is ‘mortally challenged!’.

There is no way that you can lampoon pro-immigration stances by putting them within a context of a genocidal, demonic invasion from Hell and read it as anything other than reactionary and racist.

All in all, fans have started having doubts about DOOM Eternal already following the approach its developers have chosen to go with. Maybe many of the fans just want to enjoy their shooter games and not negate the whole gaming experience. To clear the air Game Designer for DOOM Eternal, Mike Kern also took it to Twitter by stating:

Here’s the thing. If you actually get offended about Doom calling Demons “Mortally Challenged,” you are tacitly admitting that your whole “politically correct” ideology is just junk, and therefore easily mocked. In short, you recognized your own BS and got mad someone showed you

Maybe id software could change things in the expected upcoming DLC plans for the shooter game. What we must understand is that DOOM Eternal has more to it than just the Hell and Demons. Although the game does make you feel powerful as a Slayer.

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