DOOM Argent Cells Locations ‘Max HP, Armor, Ammo Capacity Guide

DOOM Argent Cells are scattered throughout the in-game world as orbs of Argent Energy.

Finding and collecting these Argent Cells will allow players to overload the Praetor Suit with Argent Energy in order to increase HP, Armor, or Ammo Capacity of the DOOM Marine.

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DOOM Argent Cells Locations

Our DOOM Argent Cells locations guide will help you find all the Argent Cells in the game:

Resource Operations

Argent Cell #1
At the end of the mission, before entering the airlock, you will find the collectible inside the semi-circular room.


Argent Cell #2
You need to follow the bridge on the left side of the Foundry, turn left and reach the far wall to find the cell near a locked door.

Argent Facility

Argent Cell #3
After exiting the cargo station, head left and inside the garage. Once you are inside, you will find the cell in the far corner.

Argent Energy Tower

Argent Cell #4
After dropping on Loading Dock 06, use the narrow ledges to reach a small platform on top of a pipe. From there, drop down to a maintenance access on the left side and find the cell inside.

Argent Cell #5
After interacting with the Argent Drone Station inside the control panel, explore the far end of the room to find the cell next to a Health Station.

Kadingir Sanctum

Argent Cell #6
After using the blue skull on the blue door, continue to follow the path around to the right side to find the cell.

Argent Facility Destroyed

Argent Cell #7
After activating the Crane Control, head outside and get on a landing pad. From there, jump over a butte and drop on the far side to find the cell.

Advanced Research Complex

Argent Cell #8
Before activating the Access Control, you will find the Argent Cell inside the security office.

Argent Cell #9
After moving through the Cargo Access Gate, you will come across a pipe running along the rock face. From there, you need to drop down and follow the right-hand-side path to find the cell.

Lazarus Labs

Argent Cell #10
After disabling the security lock, you will automatically reveal a hidden lab directly behind you which has the cell along with BFG ammo.

Titan’s Realm

Argent Cell #11
After the bars are removed in front of the yellow door and the small door on the right side, you need to head inside to find the cell and a data log.

The Necropolis

Argent Cell #12
Near the start of the mission, head through the portal and climb the stairs on the left side to find the cell along with an artifact.

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