DOOM 3 BFG Errors and Fixes Guide

List of workarounds to resolve general errors, issues and their fixes for Doom 3 BFG including open dev console and change FOV.

Doom 3 BFG edition is basically a re-mastered version of the classic horror series. However, it still retains the issues of the original Doom 3 which is why we prepared this DOOM 3 BFG Errors and Fixes guide to help you fix these issues.

DOOM 3 BFG Errors and Fixes

The Doom 3 BFG package not only contains much improved and expanded version of DOOM 3, but also the original Doom and Doom 2.

Being a fan of the franchise, if you have bought the BFG edition on PC, then there are chances that you may find some issues that may not allow you to play or run the game properly.

However, to address your problems/game breaking issues, we have this troubleshooting guide to get your game running.

#1 Bad Frame Rates
If you haven’t tried it yet, then you must be running your system on two monitors option. Try changing it to one to boost the performance to normal. And if you are using a Radeon card, try disabling the Catalyst AI.

#2 Doom 3 BFG Doesn’t Work – White/Black Screen
This can be due to multiple issues. If you are sure that you are running updated drivers for your hardware, you can try out the following to resolve the issue:

Disable the on-screen display of any hardware tool you might be using like MSI Afterburner or Rivatuner, etc.

If you are running SLI/Crossfire, check if the game runs fine on the single GPU. If yes, then there must be something fishy with the drivers that isn’t letting you play the game using both the GPUs.

#3 How to Change FOV
By default, the FOV is capped to 60, which can be annoying for many PC gamers. If you want to change it, you should use the following command in the launch parameters:

+set g_fov XX

XX here is the FOV value you want to use.

#4 How to Enable Console/Commands
Console is disabled by default in the game, but you can access it by using the following command line in the launch option:

+seta com_allowconsole 1

#5 Failed to initialize OpenGL
The problem is related to the software/drivers. Make sure that you have up to date drivers installed properly. And if you are using a Nvidia card, I will recommend that you re-install the PhysX again. You can also try installing the OpenGL manually.

#6 Can’t View Stereoscopic 3D in Windowed Mode
Doom 3 BFG does not support the stereoscopic mode in windowed mode.

#7 Can’t Change Setting in Doom or Doom 2 After Running Doom 3 BFG
The setting in Doom 3 BFG will also affect the settings of Doom and Doom 2. So if you want to change anything, you will have to do it first in Doom 3 BFG.

#8 How to Enable Stereoscopic 3D
Following are the recommended configurations you should use:

If the Nvidia Vision is being used, select “Quad Buffer” and select a 120hz full screen mode (if your monitor supports it).

If you are using NVIDIA 3DTV Play connected to a 3D TV with HDMI 1.4, select “Quad Buffer” and select 1280×720 fullscreen.

And if you are using an AMD 6000 series card or higher connected to a 3D TV with HDMI 1.4, select “Quad Buffer” and select 1280×720 full screen.

#9 Quick Save Fix
If all of your save slots are filled, you won’t be able to overwrite the previous ones. So make sure that you have empty slots while using the Quick Save option.

#10 The game is Already Running
You will most probably face this problem if you are running Windows XP (64 bit) which is not supported by default. Otherwise, if you face this issue, then try killing the DOOM 3 BFG process using the task manager.

#11 Doom 3 BFG Screen Tearing Problem
Some Nvidia Card users may face the screen tearing even if the in-game vsync is on. In such situation, you need to force the Vsync option through Nvidia control panel.

#12 Refresh Rate only 60 Hz or 120 Hz
If you want to set a custom refresh rate then you are going to have to delve deep into the world of .ini files. Go to the config file’s location and create a file ‘autoexec.cfg’, and proceed to open it.

Add the following commands to the file.

Set r_vidMode “-1”

set r_displayRefresh “0” (Set desired refresh rate value)

set r_customWidth “XXXX” (Enter desired resolution)

set r_customHeight “YYYY” (Enter desired resolution

set r_fullscreen “1” (1= Full screen, 0= Windowed)

#13 Game Crashes on Loading Screen
If your game seems to be annoyingly crashing on loading screen and inevitably ruining your entire weekend, this could be because of an AMD issue. For this, download Catalyst 13.1 atioglxx.dll. Extract this into the game’s folder and hopefully that will fix your little issue.

#14 Achievements Disabled Due to Console
If your achievements have been disabled and you have don’t have console enabled at all; try rebinding the steam screenshot key since the game uses F12 to open the console, which will result in you accidentally opening the console.

If you have console enabled then you can disable it by using the command line +set com_allowconsole 0.

#15 MSAA Has No Effect
If you find that MSAA in your game is having no effect then disable HDR. For this, open console and enter r_useHDR 0.

#16 Screen Annoyingly Flashes When Damaged
You might find it increasingly annoying that your screen persistently flashes when you take damage, to disable this you are going to have to disable filmic post-processing effects if you are using motion blur.

Open console and type in r-useFilmicPostProcessEffects 0 and then vid_restart which should fix your issue.

If you come across any other issues in the game, let us know by commenting below and we will try to help you out!

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