Life Is Strange’s Dontnod Working On New Action/RPG IP

Dontnod Entertainment has an "unannounced project" in its active pipelines which might possibly be a brand new intellectual property.

French developer Dontnod Entertainment has an “unannounced project” in its active pipelines which might possibly be a brand new intellectual property.

Taking to Twitter a couple of days ago, online sleuth Faizan Shaikh pointed out that Dontnod Entertainment has been working on an unannounced action-packed role-playing game in Unreal Engine 4. The only other clues to its gameplay include a mention of a “challenge” provided by the antagonists, which may relate to the combat design the developer has been focusing on.

Dontnod Entertainment helmed the first two episode-based Life Is Strange installments in the franchise. There was also another Life Is Strange: True Colors installment which was released just last month, but which was helmed by developer Deck Nine instead.

Dontnod Entertainment has shifted its focus to develop its own intellectual properties. The developer made its debut last year with its self-published intellectual property, Twin Mirror, a narrative adventure which received praise for its visuals but which was marred by critics for its character developments and gameplay mechanics.

Chinese behemoth Tencent acquired a minority stake in Dontnod Entertainment in early 2021, which the developer noted will help in its self-publishing ambitions. Hence, by that account, the aforementioned unannounced action role-playing game potentially stands to be a brand new intellectual property and not the continuation of an existing franchise.

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