Don’t Starve Together to Officially Launch on April 21

Don't Starve Together is set to finally leave Steam Early Access and fully launch as its own standalone game on April 21 2016.

Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer expansion of Don’t Starve, the dark fantasy survival game from Klei Entertainment, famous for the development of games such as Shank and Mark of the Ninja. Both games center around surviving in the wilderness, with Don’t Starve Together featuring co-operative and competitive modes as well as the new ‘Ghost Players’ feature.

Don’t Starve Together has been in Steam Early Access since June 2015, and is now ready to be made available as its own standalone game. Speaking through the official Steam page, Klei Entertainment’s Joe Woynillowicz wrote the following:

“We are finally at content parity with the base game. Maxwell is on his way, the mandrake is in, caves are hostable without jumping through fiery hoops – we now feel the game is ready for the general public and we’re ready to tell everyone.

“This has been our longest Early Access yet (and we’ve done 3 full games and 2 expansions through early access). Both integrating Reign of Giants and Caves were undertakings, and we really appreciate the patience you’ve had with us. Thank you!

“Thank you all so much for joining us on this Early Access journey. It’s always an adventure to evolve a game with the players, and we have a ton of fun doing so. For Don’t Starve Together, launch is just signalling that we’ve achieved that first step of bringing Don’t Starve to be a full-fledged multiplayer experience.

“We get that there’s still a lot more to develop – from longer play sessions, to better modding tools, to improving the state of PvP and exploring the lore – there’s always more to do than we have hands, but thankfully we’re here for the long haul, as long as you are, too.”

Buying Don’t Starve Together from Steam will grant you a second copy free to gift to a friend.