DmC: Devil May Cry Lost Souls Locations Guide

Where to find all the lost souls in DmC: Devil May Cry to earn some red orbs in the game.

Lost Souls are a type of collectible in DmC: Devil May Cry. These basically are human souls trapped in the city of Limbo. They are the various humanoid figures sticking out the walls of the city.

Slashing them will not only set them free but also will earn you some red orbs. In this guide we will tell you where all the Lost Souls are located in every mission of the game.

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DmC: Devil May Cry Lost Souls Locations

Mission #1 – Lost Souls

  1. After the introduction with Bathos and the cut scene with Kat. Turn around and look behind; there will be a glowing gem on the wall. Smash the wall with your Eryx weapon to get to the Lost Soul.
  2. This Lost Soul is part of the in-game tutorial, you cannot miss it.
  3. After the mirror cut scene, make your way to the end of the corridor and turn right. You will find a Lost Soul there.
  4. Behind the barred door with a glowing red sigil. Use and Arbiter to smash through it and reach the Lost Soul.
  5. Go where the electric chair doll is. Go in to the room to the left of the chair doll. The Lost Soul is placed above the door of that room.

Mission #2 – Lost Souls

  1. When you enter the big first chamber in this stage, leave through the door its lower left corner. Drop down into the collapsed corridor. Use the angel lift on the right hand side to get to the Lost Soul.
  2. By the first divinity statue. Use the Aquila ability to cut through the blue vines. Glide over the gap to get to the Lost Soul.
  3. When you get the Arbiter head out of the room. Use angel boost to get over the gap and reach this Lost Soul.
  4. This one is at the bottom of the hole you will end up in.
  5. Smash the red sigil door in the main hall using the Arbiter. Go through the doorway, turn around and look up to see the Lost Soul on the top of the frame.
  6. Behind the Osiris door. Use your scythe(once you have it) to smash open the door.
  7. After the demon pull tutorial leave the room exit the room with secret door and Eryx gem on the floor. Once you exit turn around at once look above to see the Lost Soul over the door frame.
  8. When you get the Osiris use it to smash through the blue door on the left. It will be on the other side of the door frame.
  9. When you have pulled yourself over the Abyss, you will need to go through an Arbiter and Osiris door in quick succession. Deploy Angel’s boost to cover the gap to your right. The Lost Soul is there just by the secret door.

Mission #3 – Lost Souls

  1. At the start of this mission, when the floor begins to collapse around you. Look behind towards the left and a bit up. There you will see the Lost Soul.
  2. In the starting area of the mission, use the Aquila ability to smash the blue door high on the wall. Grapple up there to find another Lost Soul.
  3. When you learn the Angel Boost ability, grapple back up around the outside of the arena. You’ll see it on the wall on your way up.

Mission #4 – Lost Souls

  1. By the end of the first corridor turn to the right. The Lost Soul will be on the wall in the alcove.
  2. Turn left to the sideway where the vital star is. Turn around and look up to see the Lost Soul above the archway.
  3. After the fight with the shielded Pathos. Check up to the right of where you came in. There will be an Angel lift point on the building, use it to get to the roof and then glide across the road to get to the Lost Soul.
  4. Present to the left of the big bill board. Use double jump and an Aquila calibre attack to get to it.
  5. Near the divinity statue, you will need to angel lift up to get to the platform. Then go down towards the dead end to reach the Lost Soul.

Mission #5 – Lost Souls

  1. Right after your first fight in Limbo. Go around the outside of the area towards the right. It will be up on the container.
  2. Right after the tyrant fight, you would see a couple of angel lift points in the distance. Leap out and use them to get over to the Lost Soul.
  3. After the cut scenes in which you cross the corroded pipes. As you pull for the first after that, it is on the container to your right.
  4. Get on the walkways above the pipes. The Lost Soul is just above the left wall of the exit.
  5. Go to the right on the same walkway and drop down to find another Lost Soul.
  6. From the walkway you can spot an Aquila doorway in one of the close by containers. Head through the doorway and follow the Angle Lift trail to a Lost Soul.

Mission #6 – Lost Souls

  1. When you have learned using the Demon Pull for the first time, you need to jump over to the main platform. Here, look for a large container and on it’s back side, you will be able to find a lost soul.
  2. After the end of the first time section in the mission (it’s in the beginning), you need to head left and a lost soul can be found on the pillar.

Mission #7 – Lost Souls

  1. After reaching penitentiary, you need to use the grapple points round to the left to reach the Eryx door. Before you go through, turn left to find the lost soul.
  2. You need to find a gap in the fence when your path is block by a big screen. While looking for an alternate route, you will be required to punch the big container. From here, explore the right hand side and you will be able to find the fence with gap.
  3. When Dante says, “okay, there’s the tower – back on track” at the next tv screen. Grapple up to the ledge to your right to find another soul.
  4. After fight off the rages for the first time in the room, jump out of arch and listen to the noise. You will find the lost soul sticking out from the wall next to you.
  5. After the cutscene where you see the breakable floor, you need to follow the lower level path to the right side. Look for the soul at the back of the shaft there.
  6. After reaching the Eryx floor, don’t enter it yet instead use the platforms to glide around to the other side. You will find the lost soul on the other side of the crate.
  7. When you hit the lift down and get the to the second Eryx floor, look on to your left to find another lost soul on the wall before moving on.
  8. On reaching the second divinity statue, you should look for the final soul in the mission on the wall to the right side.

Mission #8 – Lost Souls

  1. This one is slightly tricky. During the mission, when the tunnel is elongated for the first time while the harpy chase, use the grapple on the right side towards the eryx door. When you look back to the tunnel, you will be able to see an Aquila door. Open it and glide your way across to find the the lost soul.
  2. Near the train tracks (for the first time), you will find a lost soul next to the door you just came through.
  3. After reaching the first divinity statue, head towards right along the tunnel. You will find alcove on the wall to your right. The lost soul is hidden here.
  4. When you reach the nest in the mission, instead of pulling out the eye, reach the grapple point (near the Platform 1 sign in front of you) and move down the corridor to find the lost soul. A little enemy resistance is expected but that should not be a problem.
  5. The next lost soul is in the same area. This time (don’t pull out the eye yet), use the grapple point on the Platform 2 to reach the lost soul.

Mission #9 – Lost Souls

  1. After passing through the arbiter door, use the zig zag path and after a short duration, you will hear some sound. To get to the sound though, you will have to hack through the Osiris door near the end.
  2. When you have acquired the Devil Trigger and head your way back, you will reach a building below. In the doorway, you will hear the moaning sound. Jump onto the small walkway to reach it.

Mission #11 – Lost Souls

  1. When you are in the house sort of building, after some smashing of walls and floors, drop down the Osiris door and look for a lost soul in the corner before you hit the Eryx door.
  2. While you are chasing the soldiers breaching the doors, the lost soul can be found in the section where a door cannot be opened. You will also have to deal with a few grunts too in this section.
  3. When Dante says, “Kat, are you here?” while moving down the stairs from the server room, use the twisted pathway (take two rights) to reach the sealed door. Turn around and you will be able to see the soul on the wall.
  4. From the entrance to the maze (twisted path), head left and you will be able to see a distant Arbiter wall. Break through it to get to the lost soul.
  5. After moving through the two Arbiter doors, you will find an Eryx wall on the opposite side. Smash it and enter the room to collect your item.
  6. When you go back to the point from where you entered the maze, go through the doors on the opposite wall. The maze door however, will be blocked by crystals by now. Anyway, move down the corridor and after some time, you will find the lost soul on the right side wall.
  7. When you are attacked by the masked enemy, the lost soul can be found above on the entrance you used. You will have to use the combos that give you height to rise enough and save the poor fellow.

Mission #13 – Lost Souls

  1. After the club has been changed into a guantlet, you need to get to the upper level. You will find a soul above the door in front.
  2. While passing by the first divinity statue, look below the newly formed ramp on the floor to find the soul.
  3. In the section where floor has red and blue panels, take the right and jump onto the platforms. The lost soul can be found on the pillar (its back) on the raised platform.
  4. When you hit the floor switch at the end of round 3, the soul will appear on the wall near the door you came in through.
  5. You need to take the elevated path between the two neon shining paths after round 4. Use the angel lift points to pull yourself in the direction of a new path. The lost soul is inside the floating room.
  6. While you are at the second Divinity Statue, from the front side of the statue, you will be able to find a distant Angel lift point on a platform. Use it and glide across to reach the lost soul in the secret path.
  7. After the Divinity statue, you will reach a switch on a large platform. The lost can be found on the wall on the right.

Mission #16 – Lost Souls

  1. After your first encounter with the Dreamrunners, don’t enter the lift rather smash the Arbiter door on the right side. Head to the basement below and retrieve the stuck soul.
  2. On the floor 105, head right after leaving the lift and move along the path. Wait for the flow of debris to get to the lost souls. Yes, there are two of them.
  3. On the floor 106, after the corridors try to crush you, move across the long gap. Use the side passage there and the then move the stairs to reach the lost soul.
  4. After fighting off some Stygians, (After climbing to 106), you should examine the nearby lifts to find the lost souls. There are two of them.
  5. Next, you will find an Osiris door around the corner. Get into it and free the tormented soul.
  6. After you escape from the lasers on the bridge, there will be some instructions waiting for you through a board. The instructions will ask you to go right. You will find a soul on the wall here on the right side.
  7. While you are on your way to the Mundus’s chamber, ignore the advice and keep going left. You will find a lost soul at the end of the corridor.

Mission #17 – Lost Souls

  1. Take a left as the mission starts. You can find it on the back of the big wall.
  2. Now, head right and fight off enemies. Get to the ledge far off using the Angel point to get to the soul.
  3. After you are done fighting with the butchers, move along the left wall to the location of green orb pods. At the end, you will be able to rescue a lost soul.
  4. After the divinity statue, when you get to the top of the platforms, the lost soul can be found on the wall.
  5. After the big fight at the end, you will find a sequence of 4 lift angel points. Look at the back of the to find another lost soul.

Mission #18 – Lost Souls

  1. When you are in the generator room with wave symbol. You will find a series of ledges which you can use to get to the lost soul.
  2. There is a side passage between the sun symbol generator room and the central chamber. On the high wall, you can use the angel boost from a nearby platform to get to the lost soul.
  3. Explore another side passage in between the central room and the moon symbol generator room to find the poor chap.
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