The Division will Have Destiny Like Approach to Content, Rewards

Ubisoft wants The Division to be played endlessly, so they are using a weapons and items rewards tactic like Destiny does.

Before you ask, I put that up as a title because we were highly anticipating something overwhelming from Destiny but their content related tactics weren’t received as positively as they would have wanted. This is why it is important news that developers of Tom Clancy’s The Division look like they want to go down the same road.

Game director at Ubisoft, Ryan Bernard was talking to GameSpot where he discussed what strategy and rewarding system they were going to implement in order to keep the game turned on. Saying that ‘end-game is a big part of what [they] want from The Division,’ he went on to elaborate:

We want to have content for players to play endlessly, that would be the ideal goal for the game. So you need to supply that with new items, new weapons that cause them to get more powerful. But as to the specifics of tiering, we don’t actually do that in the game, but they actually do get better. So we have statistics that are affected with an item is [sic] a better quality; there’s reload time, recoil, lot of those kind of things get better with up to ‘legendary’ or ‘epic’, if you want, items.

So he means to say that once you are done with the game’s story, you will be lured back in with better weapons, more items and so on. So far that is exactly the tactic Bungie has used for Destiny.

Let’s just hope when they say that The Division is potentially limitless, they are not just focusing on the addition of weapons and items but also considering the original content that ships with the game’s story.

The game will be released to Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015 but so far Ubisoft has not shared the exact release date.

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