Report: The Division Player Base Fell 81% Since Launch

The Division Player Base saw a huge drop as it fell by 81% since launch. PC players complain about hacking and cheaters making the game unplayable.

Since its release, The Division has been plagued with countless issues, ranging from hackers, exploits, character disappearing, unbalanced weapons, crashes etc. The situation with hackers was so bad that some hackers started complaining about other hackers.

It looks like all of these problems combined have dented The Division player base badly. According to stats posted on reddit by Shouvik, The Division player base fell by 81% since release. If these stats are true, Ubisoft devs must be biting their nails with worry right now.

114,225 peak base in 2nd day to 22,130 in 7 weeks. 81% dip in active player base. In a side by side comparison with DS3, after 3 weeks of release, DS3 base dropped by -39% while Division faced -53% drop.

The Division overall is in a much better stat now, even though its daily challenges disappeared yesterday for the second time, so we expect player base to see a boost after the release of its second incursion.

Some of the users on reddit mentioned that they haven’t logged in to The Division for almost two weeks as exploits and hackers made the game impossible to play.

The Division was being considered a Destiny killer and even though it has toned down the buzz around Destiny, for now, all it’s killing is itself. Ubisoft needs to deal with these issues soon, otherwise, there won’t anyone left on their servers to fix these issue for.

The Division is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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