The Division Exploit Allows Unlimited Phoenix Credits, Crafting Resources After Patch 1.02

There are a number of exploits, bugs and glitches in any given game, but the The Division exploit we are talking about here is much more salivating as it allows the users to get their hands on unlimited phoenix credits and crafting resources.

More than that, the exploit at hand also manages to work fine even after Ubisoft has released the patch 1.02. However, we expect that it won’t be long before the developers get rid of it.

The Division Exploit Allows Unlimited Phoenix Credits and Crafting Resources Even After Patch 1.02

There is a detailed process that users are following in order to get their hands on unlimited phoenix credits and crafting resources in Tom Clancy’s The Division. People who are using it have also detailed the process:

Head on over to the Police Academy mission and equip the mobile cover ability with the mod extension attracted to it so its long enough to do this run. Next your going to make your way to the front of the police station to the left. Once you are at the front take out your mobile cover and angle it at an angle so i can go though the doors.

If you did it correctly you should be able to take cover and glitch right through the doors. After you have gone though the doors go and activate the echo that’s in the gym. Then you are going to go back into the security room and wait till you can press the keyboard.

Now get ready to kill everyone that comes your way. Once you have done that collect your loot and go back to where you started the mission and reset the mission and do it all over again for as long as you want!

If all this sounds too complicated, check out the video above to see The Division exploit in the works.

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