New The Division Exploit in General Assembly Can Enable Quick Purple Farming

A new The Division exploit allows players to take a shortcut during the final mission in order to get to the purple drops towards the end much quicker.

As you would expect the final mission of The Division rewards the player with plenty of purple drops towards the end, but with it being the last mission of the main campaign it does take a while to get through it all. There is another The Division exploit, along with plenty of others, that allows you to glitch through walls to effectively take a shortcut to all the good stuff.

A quick warning that there are minor spoilers for the final mission ahead that allows access to this Division expoit if you haven’t reached that far in the game yet.

Using the mobile cover perk you can shift through walls to bypass chunks of the mission and get right into the good stuff. Take a look at the video from YouTuber Simply Jay below:

Once you’ve ‘transported’ through three different doorways in the shape of two gates and the entrance to the U.N. building, you will need to kill Raptor and Domino in the amphitheatre for three purple drops each, before earning another four drops from the final helicopter showdown. In order to trigger the checkpoint you will need to kill yourself at some point.

This whole Division exploit can be done by yourself during a daily mission or if you have a bunch of friends looking for a load of extra purple drops and that sweet loot. It may not be too long until Ubisoft become aware of the glitch and release a fix for it so grab it while you can. It could even come along as soon as April 12, when a patch is scheduled to release in order to fix a major game-breaking bug. This bug involves high-end backpacks disappearing from inventories that leads to some players being locked out of their game completely, so Ubisoft are desperate to get the patch out soon.