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The Division: The Cleaners Faction Explained in New Video

The latest Intelligence Annex post for The Division focuses on the Cleaners faction.

As the name suggests, this specific group is tasked with eradicating any signs of the virus in New York City using menacing flamethrowers. This usually means coming across survivors or corpses and burning them to a crisp in order to ‘clean’ an area.

From how Ubisoft has been speaking about the roaming faction, players and everyone else tend to stay away from them. Players are said to encounter the Cleaners very early in the game, and it’s probably when we’ll get to realize that they are bad news.

It’s suggested that it’s always a good idea to ambush them when they are engaged with another faction. However, in most cases it’s better to just run.

Based on The Cleaners’ usage of flamethrowers, players will usually get to see tell-tale signs in an area that inform about possible Cleaners’ activity or if they have just recently passed through. This gives players the edge to make their next move.

The Division, the new online open-world action third person shooter in the Tom Clancy universe, is being developed by Massive Entertainent and co-developed by Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Red Storm.

It is expected to release later this year on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Exclusive content both “before and after” the game’s launch has been confirmed for the Xbox platform.

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