How To Get Vial Of Ocean Water In Disney Dreamlight Valley

While raising your friendship level with Elsa, you will need to get hold of a Vial of Ocean Water to complete the Breaking the Ice friendship quest.

The vial is one of several ingredients that are needed to craft the Warmth of Summer Potion and something players are finding difficult to locate.

The following guide will help you get the Vial of Ocean Water to gain some friendship points with Elsa as well as unlock a new pickaxe upgrade in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Vial of Ocean Water’s location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can only find the Vial of Ocean Water in Dazzle Beach, which is located east of the Peaceful Meadow.

All you have to do is follow the shoreline of Dazzle Beach to find the item. Stick to the beach and you will soon spot sparkles hovering over the waters. Interact in this location by using your shovel to pick up a Vial of Ocean Water.

The map below marks the exact location where you can find the Vial of Ocean Water. Do note that this is a quest-related item, so you will not find the vial if you have not started the Breaking the Ice quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Vial Of Ocean Water Location

Something else to note is that you also need Sugarcane and Sunflower for the Warmth of Summer Potion. Both of these ingredients can be found close to the same location as the Vial of Ocean Water in Dazzle Beach.

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