Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mickey’s Secret Door Guide

Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a special quest after you raise your friendship level with them to level...

Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a special quest after you raise your friendship level with them to level 10. In the case of Mickey Mouse, you will be tasked to find and unlock a Secret Door.

You will be given a photo memory and a riddle as clues, but they will not help you as much as the following guide. Read on to know where the Secret Door is in the game and how you can unlock it.

Mickey’s Secret Door location

Although Mickey himself states that it is a “Secret Door”, he doesn’t tell us that it is concealed behind a curtain. The door itself is located in a location where we least expect it to be – the Dream Castle.

Just as you enter the Dream Castle, if you head over to the stairs on the right, and then to the right end of those stairs behind a few small trees, you should be able to see a door concealed behind a purple curtain.

How to unlock Mickey’s Secret Door

Upon further examination of the door, you will notice that it is locked, and requires a few gemstones to open. There are five gemstones required to open the door in total, one of which is already placed inside. This makes the job a bit easier for us since we now need to find only four gems.

Next up, Mickey will show you a memory and tell you another riddle, informing you about the other four gems. These gems can be found and mined from mineral veins across the valley.

To unlock the door, you will need

  • 1x Aquamarine: Found in the Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor biomes.
  • 1x Tourmaline: Found in the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights biomes.
  • 1x Citrine: Found in the Sunlit Plateau and Glade of Trust biomes.
  • 1x Garnet: Found in the Peaceful Meadows and the Plaza biomes.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on all of the required gemstones, head back over to the Secret Door in Dream Castle and place them in their respective positions to unlock it.

Once the door is unlocked, talk to Mickey to complete the quest. He will reward you with an Enchanting Fountain. We can then proceed to head inside the Secret Door and collect all the valuables from the chests it contains.

Do note that there will also be a bookshelf here. If you place the Conspicuous Book inside this bookshelf, it will reveal another secret entryway with even more chests!

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