Where To Find Elsa’s Secret Chest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Elsa tasks you with finding her secret chest after you bring her to the valley. Here's how to find it.

After you bring Elsa to the Valley, in the quest What Home Feels Like in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to cook Elsa two meals to make her feel at home. Once Elsa eats the dishes, she will feel comfortable remembering a secret chest she buried in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The following guide will tell you more about how to find Elsa’s secret chest.

Elsa’s Secret Chest Location

Head over and look for a massive Ice Shard to the left of the Ice Cavern entrance. Use your shovel to dig close to the aforementioned Ice Shard to find Elsa’s buried secret chest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It will contain a Purple Crest and Arendellian Extra-Pickled Herring. Pick up the items from the chest.

Return to Elsa with the items only to find that you need to head back to Ice Cavern. The Purple Crest you just found needs to be placed on a magical mural at the back of Ice Cavern.

How to Get Elsa’s Secret Chest

You need to prepare dandelion syrup and fish pie for Elsa during the What Home Feels quest. You must bring both dishes to Elsa to help her remember where she buried the secret chest.

Dandelion Syrup ingredients

  • 1x Lemon
  • 5x Dandelions
  • 3x Garlic
  • 2x Onions
  • 1x Empty Vial

Fish Pie ingredients

  • 1x Herring
  • 1x Lemon
  • 1x Onion
  • 1x Garlic
  • 1x Basil or Oregano

Eating the two meals will make Elsa remember that she buried the secret chest near the Ice Cave entrance in the Forest of Valor.

Elsa’s Secret Chest Disappeared Bug

Players have reported that the Elsa’s Secret Chest disappeared after digging it up in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and they could not interact with it. This is a well-known bug with no fix, unfortunately. The only way you can get this chest is by contacting GameLoft via a support ticket. Players reported receiving the item in their in-game mail once the support request was filed.

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