How To Feed Critters In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure game with some elements of a life sim. It offers a vibrant world filled with unique quests and indulging activities for players to explore. One of these activities is feeding a critter.

Critters are endearing little animals that roam the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The critters include rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and many more adorable little creatures.

Each of them likes different types of food and live in different biomes. They also have different color variations, but it is only cosmetic and doesn’t affect their diet.

Once you give food to a critter, it returns the favor with a gift of its own.

How to feed and use critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To add a critter to your collection, you must offer it food that it likes. Bear in mind that not all critters behave the same. Some might take accept your treat in an instance, but some might just run away if you try to approach them.

One way of finding a critter’s favorite food is to offer it all types of food you have until it takes the one it likes. But you need not worry, as we have done all the hard work for you but providing the favorite foods of all the critters in-game.

Once added to your collection, critters become your companions. They can be selected from the wardrobe in the companion’s section. They will follow you around once equipped.

Locations and favorite food of all critters

Following is a comprehensive list of all the known critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley along with their favorite food and biome.

Location: Plaza biome
Favorite Food: Peanuts

They can be easily found standing in the grass of the Plaza biome. They also won’t give up any chance of a free treat. Hence, they can be very easily added as companions. A squirrel can only be fed 24 hours after being fed once.

Location: Peaceful Meadow
Favorite Food: Carrots

These critters are somewhat timid and will try to run from you the first three times they are approached. After that, they will let you come near and offer then treat.

Location: Sunlit Plaza
Favorite Food: Peanuts

Sunbirds are very friendly and will let you approach them the first time. Hence, they are very easy to tame, just like squirrels.

Sea Turtles
Location: Dazzle Beach
Favorite Food: Seaweed

These amphibious critters are very timid. When approached first they will go into their shell. Here, you need to be patient and wait. Eventually, it will take its head out, then you can interact.

Location: Forest of Valor
Favorite Food: Blueberries

They are the shyest critter in-game. Approaching them quickly is not an option. You need to keep your distance and let the raccoon walk toward you itself. It might stop after a few steps multiple times to look around but sooner or later it will approach you.

Location: Frosted Heights
Favorite Food: Fish

They will start running as soon you try to get close. You need to chase them until they stop. Then you can offer them a treat.

Location: Glade of Trust
Favorite Food: Shellfish

The method of adding crocodiles to your collection is the same as raccoons. Just remember to stay patient and let the crocodile approach you itself.

Location: Forgotten Lands
Favorite Food: Unknown

As the forgotten lands update is new, we know nothing about the diet of ravens or the method to befriend them.

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