How To Get Clay In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Clay is one of the most utilized crafting materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is mainly used for making bricks...

Clay is one of the most utilized crafting materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is mainly used for making bricks but it’s also utilized in making furniture, fences, roads, pillars, and flower pots.

Hence, you would need a lot of Clay as you progress through the game. It is also required in a decent amount for the completion of the Mysterious Wreck quest given by Goofy.

Finding it can be quite a predicament if you don’t know where to look. In the current version of the game, Clay can only be collected from only three biomes.

In this guide, we will cover the best method and the location to extract Clay from in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to dig for Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You need to dig for Clay deposits at certain locations, meaning that you need to first get yourself a Shovel.

You are probably going to have one already since there will be one to pick up from the well in the center of your valley. This will be during the early phases of the game. That shovel is pretty hard to miss.

With your Shovel in your hands, visit any of the following three biomes to find plenty of Clay deposits:

  • Glade of Trust
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands

Once you reach one of these biomes, start digging around. Note that Clay does not have a high drop rate. Hence, every spot you dig only has a chance of dropping Clay. You will need to dig a lot of spots to find enough Clay.

The good news is that even if you don’t find Clay, you will unearth something else. You will also stock up on a lot of items while digging for clay like Dreamlight Star coins so it’s not a total waste of time if you are not finding any clay.

What is Clay used for in Dreamlight Valley?

Clay has several uses apart from the completion of the Mysterious Wreck quest. As it’s also used for making furniture, bricks, and other handy items.

Below we’ve listed down each item you can craft using Clay.

  • Brick: 5 Clay, 1 Coal
  • Iron Spike and Brick Fence: 3 Bricks, 2 Iron Ingots
  • Metal Spike Fence: 2 Bricks, 3 Iron Ingots
  • Sun-Baked Earthen Road: 1 Clay, 1 Soil
  • Broken Carved Pillar Base: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Broken Pillar Base: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Flower Pots: 6 Clay, 2 Soil.
  • Jubilant Topiary: 5 Clay, 5 Soil, 3 Pink Houseleek flowers
  • Low Sculpted Pillar: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Mossy Circle-Carving Stone: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Mossy Eye-Carving Stone: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Mossy Fallen Pillar: 15 Clay, 50 Stone, 25 Soil
  • Rustic Clock Tower: 200 Clay, 100 Stone, 100 Hardwood, 30 Iron Ingots

Farming Clay fast in Dreamlight Valley

Farming Clay itself is a hard task to perform. However, going back and forth to cover up the holes you dug earlier is the icing on top when it comes to total boredom and time consumption with the 10mins mark of Clay making already in your busy schedule.

Therefore, having a method that farms Clay even faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be quite helpful. Thankfully, there’s a method for you that allows you to farm Clay without consuming much of your time.

Simply Enter Build Mode and place any type of furniture atop the plots of soil. Save and exit the game to return a few seconds later and enter Build Mode once again to remove the furniture you placed earlier to see all the holes gone within seconds.

Bring a Digging Companion

Every companion you unlock in Dreamlight Valley grants you a specific benefit. When heading out to farm clay, make sure to bring along a companion who excels in digging tasks. They will increase your chances of getting multiple items from the same dig spot as well as getting duplicates of the same item.

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