Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Safe Combinations Guide

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Safe Combinations Guide will help you find all the safes and combinations that should allow you to unlock them

This Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Safe Combinations Guide will, for the most part, tell you where to find all of the safe locations in the game and unlock all of the precious loot that resides inside them. Some of these safes appear through the course of the main story so those are not mentioned.

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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Safe Combinations

Mission 1

This mission is called One Last Fight and it has only has one safe in it.

Safe #1
You would be able to see a balcony above the train tracks, you have to move up the pipes to left and get inside from the open window.

The safe would be present next to the door an dGet inside the window to find the safe. The combination is 451 and there are several items inside including a health potion and 395 coin value.

Mission 2

This mission is called Follow the Ink and it has three safes in it:


Safe #1
It is located inside Ivan Jacobi’s home. You need to get to his house and then find the incriminating notes. After this hand over the notes to Christopher Jeorge and he will hand you the combination in return.

Safe #2
This is not a safe, but it does need a code. It is a door that takes you to the Black market. There is a sign that has a hole in a grate behind it. You would be able to use this hole for your Foresight

Safe #3
Found inside Shan Yun’s house. Learn the secret knock when you visit the Florist Shop. Find the musical note in one of the music devices in the house by disabling the electric floor in one of the rooms – using a whale oil container in the room with a breakable door.

The note will be present in the second-floor gallery and when you play this note near the safe, it will open up.

Mission 3

This mission is called The Bank job and it has 4 safes:

Safe #1
This lockbox is present in the company of other lockboxes and it is present inside the Inner Atrium’s sub-basement.

It is Christopher Jeorge’s lockbox and its code is present in the Operations Manager’s office in a crumpled note near the desk. Christofer Jeorge combination is 379.

Safe #2
This is another lockbox present next to the previous one and it belongs to Morgan Yu. Its code is 315.

Safe #3
This is also present among the lockboxes that we opened before and it belongs to Luigi Galvani and to open it you have to use code 287.

Safe #4
This is present in the main vault and it is actually a collection of five safes. The code to the safes is a Fibonacci sequence.

People who know what this sequence is, know that it is made by adding the previous two numbers. To save you the hustle, we have written down the codes for you. They are written in the sequence of the safe: 011/235/813/213/455/891.

Mission 5

This mission is called A hole in the World and it has two locks.

Lock #1
This lock is on the door that take you to the Shindaery North Mining Quary. There is a building next to the gate, go inside it and go to the top floor using the stairs.

You will see a red cloth in front of a crawlspace. You will find the key alongside a Supervisor’s note on the other side.

Lock #2
Malchiodi has this lock on his chest. You will have to locate his body in the void an d get the key and go back to his room.

There are several marks of Outsiders everywhere in this room and there are numbers along with other runes there.

You will have to find the three runes that combine to make the Mark. They would be on the upper left, middle and right. Enter the number of the corresponding runes and you can open this lock.

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