Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Bonecharm Locations Guide

This Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Bonecharm Locations Guide will tell you where to find all of the Bonecharms that are available in the game.

Bonecharms are items made out of animals that grant the user unique effects to aid them through their progress through the narrative. This Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Bonecharm Locations Guide will tell you where to find all of the Bonecharms that are available in the game.

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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider Bonecharm Locations

One Last Fight

Bonecharm #1
Head to the abandoned train cart and get to the sewer pipes. Climb up and into the broken window to find the Bonecharm on a desk.

Bonecharm #2
Go into Albarca Baths and go to the right side of the boxing ring to find the Service Room where the Bonecharm resides on a small corner desk.

Bonecharm #3
On the long table in the attic area of Albarca Baths.

Bonecharm #4
Find the small hole in the brick wall near the worktable. Turn off the steam by interacting with the red wheel and move through the opening. Walk down the catwalk and head to the white door in the back to get into the brewery. Get the key from an NPC and then open the drawer next to the sink.


Bonecharm #5
Go out of the brewery and continue up to the room on your right with the boiler. Interact with the Vise to get the next Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #6
Move outside the aforementioned room and continue to the next room on your right. Continue down the corridor and get into the next room on the left to take out Janete lee and find a Bonecharm.

Follow the Ink

Bonecharm #01
Get to the roof of the carriage and then displace on to the gate – at the beginning of the mission. Now move to the lamp post and then get to the green building roof to find the Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #02
On the front desk of Red Camellia beauty parlor.

Bonecharm #03
In a book case of the building next to the beauty parlor. Move the grating to uncover it.

Bonecharm #04
Head past the mime and down the stairs to find the Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #05, 06, 07, 08
All of them are found within the Black Market.

Bonecharm #09
Go to the Colibron Plaza, Bonecharm is in the tent behind Ivan Jacobi.

Bonecharm #10
This Bonecharm is in the wine cellar of the building across from Ivan Jacobi.

Bonecharm #11
Use the stairs beside Ivan’s office, displace over the spiked fence in the balcony and go over to the patio to find the Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #12
Go to the window of the second floor of Cienfuegos Pharmacy to find the Bonecharm behind a display cabinet.

Bonecharm #13
In a display case in Shan Yau’s home.

Bonecharm #14
Obtain the dumbwaiter room key from a servant in Shanyau’s home and then enter the dumbwaiter in the kitchen to get to the second floor. The Bonecharm will be on a desk.

Bonecharm #15
Found on Shan Yuan on the third floor bedroom.

Bonecharm #16
In the study safe of the same building. Get the golden audiograph from the second floor private gallery and play it near the safe to unlock.

Bonecharm #17
Bonecharm is found behind the bar of the Spector Club.

Bonecharm #18
Bonecharm is found on a desk within the saferoom of Spector Club.

The Bank Job

This mission has 11 Bonecharms to be found.

Bonecharm #1

This is found on the top of the green building. Use displace to get above the carriage station, and onto the lamp post to get to it.

Bonecharm #2

The 2nd Bonecharm is on the roof of Dentist’s office near Red Camellia, on the center desk in middle of roof area.

Bonecharm #3

It is found in the loot of the large docked boat near where you start. You can find the key on a drowned dead body under the boat, use foresight to locate it.

Bonecharm #4

Speak to the rats here. You will hear whispers of a Bonecharm hidden under a wooden crate. It is found in the shack, where you deposited the blood infusion victims in the previous mission, under a crate behind some metal sheets in the corner.

Bonecharm #5

in Dolores Michaels Bank, find the painter’s lift. Power it up with a whale oil dispenser. Displace across the gap and then take a right on the roof. In the corner, where you find a table next to the bonfire, the Bonecharm can be found on the table.

Bonecharm #6

In the Inner Atrium, head to the sub-level basement. Stick to the left as you enter the archives until you reach the end. Here an employee is sleeping. Check I=his drawers above the stove to get the Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #7

In Dolores Michaels office, look for a button on her desk to open a secret area. Behind the notes in this secret compartment, is the 7th Bonecharm hanging on the wall.

Bonecharm #8

To get this bonecharm, you must solve a lengthy puzzle which can be quite a doozy.

When you first enter the bank, on the third floor stairwell, be sure to check the side door to find a storage room with a chalkboard full of numbers.

The note on the board is about the Vault Safe Code, and states that there are a sequence of numbers, and each number is generated by the number before it – but the method they are generated is unknown.

Those familiar with math will recognize the drawings as the Fibonacci sequence – the sequence of numbers where the next number in the sequence can be found by adding the current and previous numbers.

Once you unlock the Main Vault, you’ll find 6 safe boxes – one of which needs two keys, while the rest have 3-digit codes.

The numbers on the blackboard are the first half of the sequence, which translates to the first three combinations – but you’ll need all of them to open all of the safes at once.

Use the guide below to input each code in the correct order – making sure to skip over the numbers that would have been used in vault 4, where the keyholes are.

  • Vault 1-011
  • Vault 2-235
  • Vault 3-813
  • Vault 4-213
  • Vault 5-455
  • Vault 6-891

Entering every combination will allow you to gain the Bonecharm in Vault 2.

Bonecharm #9, 10 and 11

These can either be purchased from the Black Market. Otherwise you can steal them. To do so, you need to get the wrench in the sewers access under the bank.

Head to the avenue where the market is located to find a sealed door under the stairs. Using Access Wrench, open the door to a rampart overlooking the shopkeeper. Knock her out with a shock, then hit the red button to get the three Bonecharm.

The Stolen Archives

There are 12 Bonecharms that can be found here. Three of these are obtained by completing the Contracts in the mission.

Bonecharm #1

In the starting area, head into the red building with a bar on the 2nd floor. Deal with the three overseers here, and the Bonecharm can be found on one of tables in the main bar room.

Bonecharm 2, 3 and 4

At the other end of the street, there is an apartment where a black market is set. You can buy the bonecharms from here.

If you wish to to not pay, make sure you buy all the upgrades you need, then exit outside. Once outside, you can spot a balcony up high you can displace to by using nearby pipes.

From here, sneak into the shop. The door here is locked, but you can use foresight to to get through. From here, displace behind the shopkeeper and take her out. This will allow you to steal all the Bonecharms.

Bonecharm #5

From the building with bars, you can get to an apartment across the alley. This apartment has multiple traps set up on the 2nd floor balcony.

Beware as you enter the house, because there are tripwires everywhere. Clear the 1st floor, then from the office area, you can move up to the 2nd floor through pipes on left side on the roof. Once up on the 2ned floor, clear the area. Once all the traps are disarmed, you can access the safe to get your prize, a Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #6

First grab the Morgue key on the front desk of the Royal Conservatory. Then, head to the 2nd floor of exhibition hall, and look for a barred window area sticking out of the balcony.

Open the door with the key you grabbed and then make your way across the bodies stashed here and head to the open area. Here, look through the belongings of these dead bodies. The Bonecharm can be found among the pile of clothes.

Bonecharm #7

From the area where you enter the morgue, look for a doorway leading to the 2nd floor of the lobby. Here, a lone overseer can be found inspecting the Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #8

This can be accessed if you saved the witch in the interrogation room in the sub-basement. If done, she will tell you of a key to a sealed door with a key nearby.

The door is on the 2nd floor of the lobby. Here, look for a sealed steel door. It is locked and the key can be found behind a painting on your left.

The painting is hanging crookedly, and you can look along to the top left to find witches’ key stash. Enter the room, and the Bonecharm can be found on the witch’s body.

Bonecharm #9

On the 2nd floor of Curator’s office, an autopsy lab can be found. Here, check behind the couch in the back room and you will find a desk. The drawer underneath will reveal a Bonecharm.

Bonecharm 10, 11 and 12

These three are acquired by completing contracts. These are as:

  1. The Risky Wager contract is automatically completed while getting to the safe to get Bonecharm #5.
  2. On the top floor of Exhibition Hall, check down the shaft of the broken elevator. Here a witch will be found dead and a book has fallen into the elevator. Get the book to complete The Pilfer of Prophecies contract.
  3. The 3rd contract, Alvaro and Abbey can be completed by taking the lethal route. Kill everyone in the Conservatory except Alvaro. Knock him out and return him to the interrogation room. Here, place him on the free musical chair to finish the contract.

A Hole in the World

Ther are 27 Bonecharms to be found here. Since there are a finite amount of different types of bonecharms, you will obtain Whale Boneinstead of duplicate, however, it does count towards the total bonecharm count.

Bonecharm #1

Inside the small building on the left of the starting area, a bonecharm can be found in an old locker room. It is placed among the shelves a the back, below some hook mines.

Bonecharm #2

On the main road, look up along the roof to find piping leading into a multistory dormitory. Follow the pipes to the higher level on the right. The bonecharm is stuffed in a locker in the back.

Bonecharm #3

From the roof of the dormitory, climb to the building on the right and drop into the engine room. Open the barred gate from a small control box on a side, then use foresight to get across, displace through the gate to get the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #4

Head down the main path until you come across two cultists trying to kill a deserter. One of them has the bonecharm, and can be killed to get it.

Bonecharm #5

In the building left of he cultist encounter, look up the 2nd floor from the middle of the hall. The boarded up door can be accessed by a increased jumping boncharm, and broken in to get the 5th bonecharm.

Bonecharm 6 and 7

At the rail statiom yard with lifts, two of four cultists here carry bonecharms on them.

Bonecharm 8 and 9

Two bonecharms are carried by cultists who inhabit the large building infront of the rail station and lift leading to the mines.

Bonecharm #10

In Shindaery mines, the cultist talking about envision has the bonecharm. You can sweep it off him, but be quick as he is heading to a room filled with cultists.

Bonecharm 11 and 12

from the first sighting of envisioned, take the path right along narrow walkway to a door leading to dormitory. Here two cultists carry the bonecharms, one who stands by “Entry Forbidden” sign, and the one patrolling the higher platform near generator.

Bonecharm #13

Enter the generator room after taking out the Cultists, and look for a bunk bed where you can find a Corrupt Bonecharm resting on top.

Bonecharm 14, 15 and 16

Outside the sleeping quarters is a large area along the minecart tracks, where three Cultists in this open area carry Bonecharms.

One who holds a Bonecharm is seated at the table by the generator outside the dormitory, one with a Bonecharm down below digging near the building entrance going towards the Library, and one holding another Bonercharm on a ledge above watching him. These are best stolen from the guise of Semblance.

Bonecharm #17

Once in the Library, head to the bottom floor and go left below the passage to the Eye. One of the three Cultists speaking below the path to the Eye carries a Bonecharm.

Wait until they finish speaking and sit down to drop down behind the one close to the chandelier and knock him out and displace away with the body. Otherwise just steal the Bonecharm.

Bonecharm #18

Just around the corner from where the three Cultists are chatting, another Cultist holding a Bonecharm sits with his back to the rails of the ground floor. He can be harder to take out given the Cultists on the catwalk above him – so consider breaking something nearby to catch his attention.

Bonecharm 19, 20 and 21

Up on the second floor of the Library, enter the passage to where several Cultists are observing a projector showing screens of the Envisioned.

Three Cultists in this room carry Bonecharms: One watching the projection from farther back, and two very close to the projections. As stated before, it’s better to use Semblance to steal them rather than try sneaking or taking them out.

Bonecharm 22 and 23

Finally, the area above where the small crawlspace led to from the engine room has a large catwalk upon where two Cultists patrol, and a third stands at the end.

Two of these Cultists have Bonecharms. Again, using Semblance is best, unless you want to snatch the lone one on the end while the others patrol the other way, then take them out when they come to investigate.

Bonecharm #24

From the catwalks above the Library, Displace up to the crevice leading to the Eye. One of the two Cultists talking here also carries a Bonecharm, which you can steal when they are facing the wall talking to each other, or wait until they are done talking and separate to slink in.

Bonecharm #25

Once in the void, grab the key from the dead Cultist on the edge of the plateau, and return to his room in the sleeping quarters marked “Entry Forbidden”. Note that the man has drawn the Mark of the Outsider everywhere, especially next to all the smaller runes and tagged them with numbers.

Upon close inspection, the Mark of the Outsider is a combination of three runes: the upper left portion, the middle portion, and the right portion.

Find the corresponding runes and numbers, and enter them in left to right on the nearby safe to open it and find a Bonecharm.

Bonecharm 26 and 27

The final Bonecharms are held by two cultists on a large plateau overlooking the entrance to the Ritual Hold. These cultists can be rather tough to get to considering the Envisioned that stalks among them.

You’ll need to hide behind the rock where the two Cultists are taking photos of the void-altered chair.

Wait for the Envisioned to head back down the path, then quickly displace among the Cultists and steal what you can. You can bring a body with you to use Semblance. It will not work on Envisioned, however, so beware.

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