Dirt 4 Not Ruled Out For Nintendo Switch

Recently, Codemasters announced Dirt 4 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but many are wondering if it would come to Nintendo Switch?

Recently, Codemasters announced Dirt 4 for PC and Consoles which has the fans of the franchise excited. However, many are wondering if the game would also come to Nintendo Switch or not?

Speaking with Daily Star, senior game designer Darren Hayward expressed his excitement for Nintendo Switch and added that Dirt 4 is not coming to Nintendo Switch at launch but the studio has not ruled it out.

Personally, I’ve got my Switch pre-ordered and I’m getting it day one. Obviously, at launch [DiRT 4] is not coming to Switch. We’d already picked our platforms. We’ve nothing to announce right now, but, I wouldn’t rule it out.

When asked how the game will utilize the different control schemes allowed by the Joy-Con controllers? To this, he responded that they would require implementing a lot of tweaks to the game controls.

There are signs of more traditional games coming out for Switch with full controller support like Skyrim, but would Dirt Rally or Dirt 4 work on a split Switch controller? I think we’d have to do quite a lot in terms of extra tweaks.

When you take it away and you’ve got it in tablet mode with the Joy-Cons it’s great, but those split controllers, that’s custom game design right there specifically for that platform.

There are not many inputs, so you’d have to have super simplified controls and because of that, it may not be the ideal scenario for DiRT 4. That said, I could definitely see Nintendo Switch having some compelling racing experiences.

Dirt 4 is a racing video game in development at Codemasters and will launch in June 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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