Can You Save Shuuji in Digimon Survive

This guide focuses on Shuuji and how players can save him from dying in Digimon Survive.

Maintaining a close bond with Digimon kids and saving them in Digimon Survive becomes one of your biggest responsibilities. But, unfortunately, death is lingering everywhere in the game and can make anyone its victim and a demised member of your team. This guide focuses on Shuuji and how players can save him from dying in Digimon Survive.

The uncertain destiny of Digimon kids is everywhere when you’re moving forward with your journey in Digimon Survive. Those it chooses to kill will die regardless of your efforts, and the one spares will luckily stay with you in your adventures. As much as we want to avoid witnessing the brutal deaths of our favorite characters, this is something you and your team members will have to face.

Unfortunately, one of the members who will die regardless of how much effort you put in will be Shuuji. Shuuji has a short life span as he will face some brutal events in Part Five of Digimon Survive, where he will be eaten alive. We know, very scary.

How Shuuji Dies in First Playthrough

As you approach Part Five of the First Playthrough in Digimon Survive, you’ll find Shuuji, who’s being very abusive towards the Lopman.

Seeing Shuuji beating Lopman and asking the poor creature to evolve becomes very difficult. He wants Lopmon to look stronger, so people don’t perceive them as weak.

However, the situation quickly escalates as Lopman Digivolve into Wendigomon and kills a nearby enemy.

As soon as the enemy dies, Lopman turns to Shuuji and eats him alive. Shuuji had it coming after brutally abusing the poor creature and turning him into his own enemy.

Can You Save Shuuji from Dying in Digimon Survive

After witnessing Lopman swallowing Shuuji, the question arises, will he ever be back? Well, there’s is only one way.

Like you did while saving Ryo, players must first play the game till the end and unlock the New Game+ mode. Once that’s done, players will be allowed to play the entire game again, but this time, they must make moral choices that will impact the Karma System.

Once you’re in the New Game+ mode, make sure you save Ryo from dying. Once that’s aside, you can focus on your bond with Shuuji. Interact with him during the Free Action sections and raise your affinity with him above 35.

As your bond becomes stronger with Shuuj, the chances of Ryo intervening also increase during the Part Five scene where Shuuji is beating Lopman. Ryo will knock some sense into Shuuji, and he won’t die. Instead, he will apologize to Lopman, and Lopman will evolve into Turuiemon, preventing the whole turmoil from happening.

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