How to Save Ryo from Dying in Digimon Survive

This guide will look at how players can save Ryo from dying in Digimon Survive or at least make his life a bit longer.

Greater adventures comes with greater responsibilities. While we do want to have fun in our Digimon Survive in-game journey, there are some phases where you will be met with critical choices and an emotional roller coaster that determines which one of the Digimon Survive kid gets to stay alive and which one should make a departure. The same is the case with Ryo. This guide will look at how players can save Ryo from dying in Digimon Survive or at least make his life a bit longer.

Every little choice will influence how the game story plays out for you. Some options may even lead to the death of some characters, and while we want everyone to stay together, most kids will have to die. We won’t spoil the fate of other kids for you and only focus on Ryo in this guide.

How Does Ryo Die?

If you’ve been playing Digimon Survive, you may already be aware of how Ryo has been an absolute train wreck and is not enjoying his time in the Digital World.

No matter how much players try being there for Ryo and maintaining a close bond with him, unfortunately, Ryo will die in the first playthrough. However, players can save him in a New Game+ save.

In Part Three of Digimon Survive, players will encounter Cyclonemon and have a very intense fight with it. After the fight ends, a cut scene will play out where Ryo and Haru are exchanging some dialogues.

Ryo breaks down in front of Haru and expresses how desperately he wishes his dead mother could come and save him. His mother appears as soon as he says that, but that figure is not really his mother.

The team members can see a black shadow behind the figure; however, by the time they figure it out and Ryo stops hallucinating, it appears that it’s too late. The shadow grabs Ryo, and suddenly the screen is covered with blood.

No matter how hard players try to avoid this scenario, Ryo will have to die brutally in the First Playthrough, and players will need to figure out another way to get him back.

How to Save Ryo from Dying in Digimon Survive

To save Ryo from dying, players will first have to play the game until they reach the end to unlock the New Game+ mode.

Once that’s done, players will be allowed to play the entire game once again; however, this time, you will have to make different moral choices that will impact the Karma System of Digimon Survive.

Now, as you reach the Second Part of the game, agree with Ryo over Aoi and Minoru. Try to side with him as much as you can to build a bond.

In another situation, select the ‘Phones don’t work’ option while playing the Second Part during the Free Action. And right after that, select ‘He’s not wrong.’

As you reach the Third Part, play through all of it until you meet Cyclonemon once again. Here you’ll be met with a choice, and selecting ‘Of course, we’ll help!’ will save Ryo from dying.

Instead of blood splatter, this time, the scene will show the team snatching Ryo back from the shadow and helping him stay alive.

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