How to Get Numemon in Digimon Survive

This guide will explain in detail how to get Numemon along with where you can find it in Digimon Survive.

Everyone in this world would rather have powerful companions rather than powerful foes. It would be a nice touch if we could turn our enemies into our friends. Digimon Survive allows you to befriend Digimon and invite them to accompany you on your adventure. This guide will explain in detail how to get Numemon along with where you can find it in Digimon Survive.

This tiny and slimy monster, Numemon, is different from your average Digimon since it’s not able to speak at all. Numemon might not be to speak but the method of recruiting it is the same.

How to Recruit and Befriend Numemon

Numemon is one of the rarer Digimon in the game and the chances of you encountering it are lesser than most other Digimon. You can’t find Numemon anywhere else except for Free Battles in the School Area.

Numemon usually doesn’t show up in the Free Battle Area as often as other Digimon. The highest chance of Numemon showing up is in the Free Action section. You will have to keep watch on the Free Action section, so you don’t miss the opportunity to fight and recruit Numemon.

Best Answers

Since Numemon is not able to speak, so you will have to understand its actions and respond accordingly. Numemon will perform some gesture or action, and you will have to respond accordingly.

Following are the best possible answers if you want to recruit and befriend Numemon in Digimon Survive.

Q1: The monster shakes his head as he starts to leave.

A: Speak kindly to him.

Q2: The monster just stands there.

A: Gesture.

Q3: The monster is trying to say something.

A: Give it some food.

Q4: The monster is staring in fascinated confusion.

A: Stare right back.

Q5: The monster bends forward, scowling at you.

A: Mimic his posture.

Q6: The monster seems interested in what the humans are saying.

A: Talk to him slowly.

Q7: The monster looks warily in this direction.

A: Prepare to fight

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