Digimon Survive Enlightenment Slab Farming Tips

This guide will go over what to do with these slabs and how to farm enlightenment slabs effectively in Digimon Survive.

Apart from surviving as school kids, Digimon Survive’s gameplay focuses on tactics and raising all your Digimon. To Evolve or perhaps Digivolve your Digimon and make them stronger for battles, you need Enlightenment Slabs. This guide will go over what to do with these slabs and how to farm enlightenment slabs effectively in Digimon Survive allowing you to create a team of powerful Digimon.

What Are Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

Enlightenment Slabs are mainly used to digivolve your Digimon to the next level. It will have increased stats and abilities after every upgrade making it ideal for your party.

Every Digimon can digivolve through the regular stages, but there are some that also have an extra form of digivolution. The Stages that a Digimon will go through are

  • Free (Rookie)
  • Champion
  • Ultimate
  • Mega
  • Ultra

To Upgrade your Digimon from Free (Rookie) to Champion, you will need a Mature Enlightenment Slab.

For Champion to Ultimate digivolution, you will need a Perfect Enlightenment Slab.

For Ultimate to Mega digivolution, you will need an Ultimate Enlightenment Slab.

How to Get Mature Enlightenment Slabs

There are multiple ways to get Mature Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive. When you start with part 2 of the story, you will be rewarded with some mature enlightenment slabs to digivolve.

You can also get them as rewards from missions, opening chests, or winning battles as you progress in the questline.

There are some other methods mentioned below to get the Mature Enlightenment slab

Head to Inner Shrine

Open your world map and select the Forest Area. In the Forest area, select the Inner Shrine location. Use your camera and align it to the center of the screen. Lastly, select and interact with the Shrine to get a Mature Enlightenment Slab.

Befriending Leomon

As you meet Leomon, befriend him by talking to him. After befriending Leomon, you can simply ask him to reward you with Mature Enlightenment Slabs.

The Best answers for Leomon dialogues are,

Q: Would you rather fight a weak enemy or a strong enemy?

A: Fighting is barbaric.

Q: Can I trust humans…?

A: You can and should.

Q: Do you think you can do anything by force?

A: There are other ways.

Q: I won’t forgive anyone that disturbs the peace in this area!

A: You got it all wrong.

Q: If you saw a raging fire heading towards a crying child, what would you do?

A: Save the kid, duh!

Q: What do you believe is “right”?

A: Acting with kindness.

Q: Do you think I’m uptight?

A: You seem serious.

Defeating Fangmon

As you progress to part 2 of the story, you will be ambushed by some Fangmon. Upon their defeat, they may have a chance to drop a Mature Enlightenment Slab.

How to Farm Perfect Enlightenment Slabs

The reliable way to farm the Perfect Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive is by talking with Monzaemon and MagnaAngemon during combat.

You can find Monzaemon in free battles within the Second Island area and MagnaAngemon in the Factory Area. To receive the Perfect Enlightenment Slabs from Monzaemon and MagnaAngemon, you have to give perfect responses as mentioned below

Best Responses for Monzaemon

Q: Do you…treasure…your comrades…? 

A: More than anything.

Q: Mutual…understanding…would end…conflict…

A: That’s not enough.

Q: Do you…wanna…fight…?  

A: I don’t want to fight.

Q: Get…away from here…

A: Appreciate the advice!

Q: Stepping on…flowers…makes me…sad…

A: What a nice ‘mon.

Q: All… you need… is love…

A: That’s a tough sell.

Q: Would you… use violence… to protect others…?

A: Try something else.

Best Responses for MagnaAngemon

Q: What do you think is the most important thing for building trust?

A: Trusting your Partner

Q: The goal of this battle is to test each other’s strength

A: I’ll come out on top!

Q: What kind of human are you?

A: My own kind of human

Q: It’s better to take some sort of action than just sit idly by and worry.

A: Gotta Move Forward

Q: Is there something you’d like to say to me? Go on, don’t be shy.

A: Thanks for being kind

Q: By the way, why exactly are you here?

A: I was guided here

How to Farm Ultimate Enlightenment Slab

Completing Storyline

The first Ultimate Enlightenment Slab you will be able to get is by completing Part 10 of the main story. You can then use the slab to evolve one of your Digimon.

Late-game Exploration

You will find some characters that may be able to reward you with the Ultimate Enlightenment Slab in the late-game exploration. This, however consumes a Move Charge whenever you interact with a character. Move Charge is a very limited resource that you can use to acquire more Digimon or increase your affinity with other characters.

Mega Digimon

There is also a slight chance for a Mega Digimon that you encounter during Free exploration or Shadow encounters to drop an Ultimate enlightenment Slab. To get a Slab you need to talk to an Evolved Digimon and convince them to drop the item.

How to use Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

Once you have obtained anyone of the enlightenment slabs, you will be then able to digivolve one of your Digmon to the next level. To Evolve them,

  • Open your Pause Menu
  • Then Select Status
  • Select the Digimon that you want to digivolve
  • Move to the Evolution tab
  • Select the Evolution that you want to Digivolve into
  • Once you have selected the Evolution option, you will be asked again whether you want to Evolve them or not

Now your Digimon has evolved.

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