Digimon Survive Endings Guide

Digimon Survive features multiple endings and this guide will explain how to unlock them all and what each one entails.

Multiple endings are the heart and soul of any role-playing game. Any game that has multiple endings will make you rethink your every action since it will have a consequence that will affect your future actions. Digimon Survive also features multiple endings and we are here to tell you everything you need to know about endings in Digimon Survive.

How to Unlock Every Ending in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is a visual novel and role-playing game that features multiple endings. Throughout the game, you will be asked multiple questions and you must answer them accordingly. There will be three types of questions asked.

Affinity Questions will raise your affinity with a certain character, and they usually come in the form of two or four dialogues.

False Flags won’t affect anything other than just moving the conversation forward.

Karma Questions will come with three dialogues. red dialogue for moral, yellow for wrath, and green for harmony. These are the questions that will affect the outcome of your story.

Every time you pick out of the three options for harmony questions, the point for that certain category will raise and in order to have all possible endings available to you, you need to have at least 25 points in each category.

If you have less than 25 points in a certain category, you won’t be able to play that particular ending. So make sure you balance out your choice and gain 25 points in each category.

All Possible Endings in Digimon Survive

The story branches out into three possible endings towards the end of Part 8 of the main campaign. Once you reach that point, you will be asked to save your game and if you want to come back and experience other endings as well, it is recommended to make multiple backups of the saved game.

There are four possible paths to choose from in Digimon Survive.

Moral: In this option, the story will continue towards the path where you make choices based on what’s ethically correct regardless of how difficult it is. This is where you think by putting all emotions aside and doing what seems the most logical. This is where you will be true to your friends.

Wrathful: The path will take you towards the journey where you will make a choice that is best for you and the objective at hand. You might put everyone in harm’s way but will always choose the most rewarding path.

Harmony: This is the type of path where you will save the world and make choices that are the direct opposite of the wrathful path. This is a relatively peaceful path.

NA: This is where you decide to never return to Digital World and when you choose this path, the game will show you a small cut scene and take you back to the Main Menu.

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