DICE Wants Your Help to Fix Battlefield 1 Middle East Servers

The connectivity issues that have been plaguing the Battlefield 1 Middle East servers are finally being investigated by the developer.

Posting on Reddit, DICE stated that it needs to look into the routing tables. However, for that to happen, it first requires local players with “some” technical knowledge to work with the developer and its server providers.

Players from the region are requested to do a traceroute to the servers and send the report over to support@i3d.net. This will help the network team understand where the routing is messing up and quicken the release of a viable solution to the problem.

The Battlefield 1 Middle East servers went online earlier this year and have proven to be moody at best. Some servers were taken down soon after, with new ones popping up at random intervals. However, the technical problems prevailed. Players living inside the region, who should be getting excellent connections, face surprisingly high pings when connecting to the servers. This is the same for players living outside and close to the region.

Pakistan, for example, can connect to the Battlefield 1 Middle East servers at 50 ms. However, there are some in the country who connect to the same server at over 100 ms. The situation is worse in India, where players face almost 150 ms or more pings.

The Spring Update from last month set a minimum ping threshold of 100 ms, meaning that players having a latency of more than that must “lead their shots as server-side hit-detection is performed” to account for the newly enforced delay.

The intention was to force players to stick to their own regional servers. Hence, it is necessary that the Middle Eastern servers are fixed as soon as possible. Without them, players in the region have nowhere to play. Previously, they would jump over to European servers. That option is no longer viable.

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