DICE Teases ‘Big’ Trailer This Week; Battlefield 5 Incoming?

DICE has teased that something pretty huge is going to be revealed this week.

The makers of the Battlefield franchise went to Twitter to tell the world about a ‘BIG trailer,’ that will be released in the coming days.

Senior video & media director/editor Randy Evans tweeted about this upcoming trailer, saying ‘people don’t know what’s coming.’

Interestingly, despite Randy Evans suggestion that the world is ignorant to the possible reveal, many are suspecting it might be the first official trailer (or at least a small teaser) of Battlefield 5 or perhaps Bad Company 3.

Battlefield is DICE’s most well-known and accomplished franchise, so it’s natural for fans of the series to reflexively point towards a possible sequel following the tweet. However, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is also said to get some new information released this week, and it could be possible Randy Evans is merely referring to that.

The only reason to doubt that bit though is how hyped Evans was in that tweet. Mirror’s Edge is certainly an attractive franchise, but it doesn’t have the same kind of massive fan-base Battlefield possesses.

So keep your eyes peeled folks, as there’s definitely some new information and a new trailer upcoming. If it’s Battlefield 5 (or Bad Company 3), then high-five! If not, well, there’s no such thing as a bad ‘BIG trailer’ (I hope).

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