Have Details About Battlefield 5 Been Leaked?

Details about Battlefield 5 may have been leaked onto the internet, whether they are true or not are highly speculative at the moment though.

After the success of Battlefield 4, it is fair to say that fans will be looking forward to any information about Battlefield 5. It looks like one fan may have made a discovery on what the game could feature.

While searching for information about Gears of Wars 2, a Reddit user found their way to the Internet Movie Database page for Steve Jablonsky and noticed something interesting. On the list of entertainment titles, they have composed for, Jablonsky has included Battlefield 5: Armageddon. The IMDB page for the game features the synopsis:

“This game is about a small town soldier who is in battle for japan. He must fight to get home to his family and friends.”

While interesting we do have to remember that this is not an official page for the game, so the information provided is merely speculation. If this is the story that the game will feature, it does raise a few interesting questions, like when will it be based?

While some may hope for a World War 2 setting the genres the page lists the game as are Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi and War, which hints more at a future setting. Voice actors listed for the game are Anton Pavel, Alex Yu, and Henry Steven Pavel, all marked as rumoured.

From what can be picked up by the IMDB pages, I’d not put too much faith in what is written about the game, and if it will even include this story. It seems to soon for anything to be revealed, unless of course we see something at the Game Awards tonight.

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 5: Armageddon? Let us know your thoughts below.

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