Activision Takes a Major Financial Hit After Diablo Immortal Reveal Backlash

Activision-Blizzard is still suffering from the Diablo Immortal Reveal as company's stock value has dropped by almost 7%.

Blizzcon is over but Activision-Blizzard is still suffering from the Diablo Immortal Reveal as company’s stock value has dropped by almost 7%. Diablo Immortal Reveal was a nightmare for the company but somehow they had it coming and now they are surely some regrets.

At BlizzCon, Activision-Blizzard announced their first mobile game in the series but soon it was confirmed that the players didn’t want it. Diablo fans were hoping to see a new major Diablo project in the series which the event lacked.

The effects were seen online until Monday when the New York Stock Exchange opened and revealed that the company’s stock value has dropped. This was reported by Sarah Needleman from WSJ who revealed that the company’s shares closed at $64.34 as compared to $68.99 on the previous day.

Bloomberg reported a 7.2% drop in shares which is the lowest since January so definitely, Activision took a major financial hit.

Everyone is disappointed and it’s expected that this mobile game will not turn out to be a success so we will have to wait to see how Activation tackles this all.

Diablo 2 producer was also shocked and he took it to Twitter to say that Blizzard doesn’t understand the gamers anymore. According to him, Diablo Immortal reveal was “a huge bait-n-switch feeling moment.” This is because of the way Blizzard teased it before the event as everyone thought it’s a PC game.

We wish that Blizzard realized what the players really wanted and even mentioning of Diablo 4 in development could change everything.

Blizzard later hinted that Diablo 4 is in works. Blizzard said that they have multiple projects in work and “Diablo is a tentpole franchise”.

Though the backlash continues online as the trailer of the mobile game is continually getting dislikes and negative comments. It’s also has been reported that Blizzard is removing these negative comments to cover what they have done.

With all this loss, we expect Activision to start talking about Diablo 4 as soon as possible to calm all the fans. Until then you might want to try out this new mobile game as it’s said to provide authentic Diablo experience.

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