Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Event Guide

In this Diablo Immortal guide, we will be focusing on Lost Artifacts Zone Event and help you complete it for rewards.

Each Zone in Diablo Immortal comes with its own unique timed events which involve players completing a number of tasks for reward.

In this Diablo Immortal guide, we will be focusing on Lost Artifacts Zone Event, what it is, where is it located, how to complete it, and what you gain after successfully completing the event.

How To Start The Lost Artifacts Event In Diablo Immortal

To start the event, you will need to travel to the Shassar Sea and start taking down mobs of enemies. Any random enemy will drop a Mysterious Scroll upon death which you can collect.

The Mysterious Scroll cannot be auto-looted so you need to keep an eye out for a blue scroll-like item. Once you find the Mysterious Scroll, click on it and it will mark a location on the map.

Keep in mind that you can only keep one Mysterious Scroll in your inventory at a time and to collect another one, you will need to completely dig out the area marked on the map.

Once you have found the Mysterious Scroll and traveled to the specified location, you will see Ancient Urns, all over the area. To easily carry out your search it is recommended to first clear out all the mobs in the area.

Once you have cleared all the present mobs, one by one open every Ancient Urn. Some will contain nothing, some will spawn a mob that will attack you, some will spawn a trap, and some will curse you for a few seconds.

There will only be one real Ancient Urn which will, upon opening, spawn Calim. Calim will come and collect the Artifact that you have discovered. Once you are done with that, you can travel to Tabri’s Encampment Waypoint where you can talk to Calim to claim your reward.

The reward for completing this event will be a treasure chest containing 6x Enchanted Dust along with various items of varying rarity.

You can again go back to Shassar Sea and look for another Mysterious Scroll and do the whole thing over again.

Best Locations To Farm Mysterious Scrolls

Due to the Mysterious Scrolls’ low drop rate, the chances of receiving Mysterious Scrolls as a drop are greatly reduced. This makes it even harder to find them, along with other reasons which include the maximum carrying capacity and the locations where you can find them.

The Mysterious Scrolls for this specific event are only found by defeating mobs in the Shassar Sea Zone. Furthermore, you can only carry one Mysterious Scroll at a time.

To increase your chances of finding Mysterious Scrolls, there are certain locations you can visit to farm Mysterious Scrolls.

To start off, you can farm for them at the Domain of Horror. This is perhaps the best location to farm for Mysterious Scrolls in the game. This area has the highest spawn rate of mobs, and hence has a higher Mysterious Scroll Drop Rate. If you defeat enough enemies in this area, you might just get the Mysterious Scroll soon enough.

Another location where you can farm Mysterious Scrolls is the Ruins of the Greater Fahira. There are a large number of Bandits that spawn here, which you can defeat to increase your chances of getting the Mysterious Scroll.

Diablo Immortal Lost Artifacts Bugged

Unfortunately, Diablo Immortal’s Lost Artifacts Event is bugged for the moment. Many players have reported a case where they were unable to find the Ancient Urns upon arriving at the location denoted by the map.

Considering this news, you might want to hold on to participating in this Event for the moment, until it’s fixed, that is.

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