Diablo III Necromancer Content Pack Data-Mined; Armor, Weapons, and Pets

The latest patch of Diablo III was recently data-mined to reveal a long list of assets related to the upcoming Necromancer content pack.

A thread on Reddit from last week shared the character models and textures of both the male and female variants of the upcoming class. In addition, three-dimensional armor models were unearthed for all three Light, Medium and Heavy armor types.

Data miners were also able to uncover models and textures for a number of two-handed and one-handed weapons, as well as of shields. From the files, it is apparent that Necromancers will only be using scythes as their weapons of choice.

Blizzard already confirmed that the Necromancer content pack will release with more than just a new class. Players will receive two additional Hero and Stash slots, alongside a new Golem pet and Bone Wings pennant. The developer will also be throwing in new Portrait Frames and customization options for banners.

You can go through the following album to get a good look at the new in-game pet, cosmetic wings, and portraits. Unfortunately, the data miners were unable to uncover the new cosmetic options for our banners.

The Necromancer content pack is scheduled to arrive later this year at an unknown price tag. It will release alongside a free content update that will add two new zones, Challenge Rifts, and more. The content of the free update will be available for everyone with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. The Necromancer content pack, though, will have to be purchased.

The Necromancer is currently enjoying a closed beta, through which we were able to get hold of all the skills that the new class will feature. This includes the ability to summon bone spikes from the ground, unleash waves of evil energy, create armor from the bones of fallen enemies, raise skeletons, curse terrains, and revive corpses.

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