Diablo 4 Votive Passing Walkthrough

The Votive Passing quest in Diablo 4 has you bring peace to hunters who have met their demise. Here is how you can do so and finish the quest

The Votive Passing quest in Diablo 4 is a side-quest only available after finishing the main quest of Parting Embers. It takes place in the region of Scoslgen in the town of Braestaig. It involves honoring fallen hunters from the village.

You have to place a ward of passing at resting sites. Here is how you can play and finish the Votive Passing quest in Diablo 4. 

How to start the quest

diablo 4 votive passing location

This quest of Votive Passing can be found in the subregion of Wailing Hills in Scosglen. The location of this quest can be found in the north of Diablo 4 map.

The nearest waypoint to the Votive Passing quest is through The Emerald Chase subregion. There is a town named Braestaig in Wailing Hills from where you can access this quest. Braestig has its own waypoint. If you have activated it before, you can get here directly.

There, find an NPC named Chief Asgail. Talk with her and the quest Votive Passing can be started.

How to complete Votive Passing in Diablo 4 

To complete the quest of Votive Passing in Diablo 4, there are several objectives that you need to clear first. For easy reference, we have given them below.

Search the lost hunters’ resting place 

Once you have a conversation with Chief Asgail, you will be informed that she has located three dead hunters towards the north of the town. You need to go and help them seek peace. Their locations will be marked on the map so just follow the markers there.

Look for the source of the voice

Make your way to the north of this town. Once you reach there, you will find yourself in a wide-open area. Look around and find the three marked places and build Wards of Passing there.

As you do, you will get attacked. Defeat the enemies that spawn and repeat the process for the other two bodies. Once you complete the objective, you will hear a voice. Follow it and it will take you north on the map.

Speak to the Wounded Hunter 

Once you reach the source of the voice, you find a wounded hunter, offering prayers. He will have a Handmade Torc. Speak with him and he will give it to you.

Give the Handmade Torc to Maisie 

Return back to town and find an NPC named Maisie. Talk to her and give her the Torc to complete this objective.

Comfort Maisie 

Upon receiving the objective and the news, Maisie will understandably be distraught. Talk to her and choose the dialogue to comfort her. This will be the first option. Select it and the quest will end.

When you are successful in completing all the objectives of the quest of Votive Passing in Diablo 4, you will be getting the following things mentioned below. 

  • +20 Scosglen Renown 
  • Gold 
  • Experience 
  • Leather Cache 
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