Diablo 4 Unique Gloves Guide

There are a total of six unique gloves to loot in Diablo 4, one each for the Sorcerer, Barbarian, Rogue, and Necromancer.

In Diablo 4, unique gloves are available for all classes that either modify core skills or buff certain status effects to deal more damage.

The unique gloves in Diablo 4 mainly fall into two categories: lucky hit modifiers and guaranteed modifiers. Gloves that are exclusive to a class will mainly offer a guaranteed modification to a core skill of said class with a few focusing on lucky hits.

Every single set of unique gloves in Diablo 4 caters to offensive builds.

Fists of Fates (General)

These unique gloves lean heavily on the lucky hit mechanics. All of the affixes on this unique item take effect on a lucky hit. The unique effect of the glove also involves RNG. You are granted the ability to hit and deal increased damage up to two-fold. This effect applies to all your hits.

Other modifiers include a chance to daze, restore primary resources, immobilize, and heal. All these effects apply to a lucky hit.

These gloves play into the high-risk high-reward playstyle. If you are lucky enough, you can devastate an enemy that stands in your way.

Frostburn (General)

Being a staple of frost builds on any class in Diablo 4, these gloves can apply the Freeze effect on enemies if you land a lucky hit. Other affixes that are worth noting include an increase in cold damage and an increase in freeze duration.

Looking at all its stats and affixes, we recommend using this unique item with gear that further amplifies the frost-based moves. The sorcerer has plenty of good options that can complement this unique item in a build.

Gloves of the Illuminator (Sorcerer)

These gloves buff the core skill “Fireball” for the Sorcerer class. Its unique effect modifies the fireball to bounce as it travels.

Each time it contacts the ground, a small explosion is triggered damaging enemies around it. However, the final explosion of the fireball suffers a slight reduction in damage.

Other significant affixes include a slight increase in Fireball velocity and an increase in Fireball ranks.

This unique item is a must-have for any build that includes the Fireball skill. It is recommended to use this in conjunction with items that boost fire damage.

Gohr’s Devastating Grips (Barbarian)

If you are making a Whirlwind Barbarian build in Diablo 4, you are going to need Gohr’s Devastating Grips.

These unique gloves give extra ranks to your Whirlwind skill, allowing you to spend the extra skill points elsewhere.

Its unique effect makes your Whirlwind explode to damage all nearby enemies after the skill ends. This can be when you either stop channeling the skill or if you run out of fury.

Either way, all nearby enemies are going to be dealt fire damage to make clearing out dungeons quicker.

Grasp of Shadow (Rouge)

The Rouge class has plenty of skills and tools that can inflict vulnerable status effects on enemies. This unique item can help you capitalize on this fact by allowing you to summon a free Shadow clone on damaging an enemy with a lucky hit.

There is one condition though; the damage must be dealt with a Marksman or Cutthroat skill. These include both melee and ranged skills which makes this item very versatile.

Moreover, an additional affix offers a guaranteed increase in Shadow Clone damage along with a rank increase on all rouge core skills.   

Howl from Below (Necromancer)

Howl from Below is a Necromancer-exclusive unique item in Diablo 4. The unique effect of this unique glove enhances your Corpse Explosion skill to summon an explosive skeleton minion that charges at a random enemy before exploding.

While that may sound timid, know that Howl from Below increases the damage done by Corpse Explosion, so that detonating skeleton is going to do a lot of damage.

Furthermore, this pair of unique gloves in Diablo 4 give you a lucky hit chance to either stun or fear enemies on each hit. Your overall lucky hit chance also gets improved.

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