Diablo 4 Sodden Pact Guide

Here are the map locations of all five Sodden Growths that you need to find to complete the Sodden Pact side quest in Diablo 4.

The “A Sodden Pact” is a side quest that is a part of Roina’s questline in Diablo 4. This is the second quest in this series, which involves you hunting a wight that was involved in the murders of three individuals in the area – Cecil, Devlin, and Callum.

In the previous quest of this series, all you had to do was investigate their murders, but this quest builds on to it, which means that it can be automatically started upon completion of the previous one.

Though hunting the wight may be easy, the first objective is the real hard part of this quest – finding the five Sodden Growth piles. These are scattered around the search zone but aren’t marked on the minimap, making them hard to find.

Moreover, because of the dark eerie atmosphere, the black Sodden Growths are even harder to find given that they blend in with the ground. Hence, we’re here to help you out with the Sodden Growth locations, allowing you to clear the objective in a matter of seconds.

How to start “A Sodden Pact” in Diablo 4

Since the Sodden Pact is a side quest that belongs to Roina’s questline, you would first have to complete the previous quest in the series.

This quest is known as “Whispers from Below” and It can be started at the Abandoned Coast, Northshore, by speaking to Roina. In this quest, you solve the murders of Cecil and his grandchildren, who were drowned nearby by a wight.


Once you complete the said quest, Roina will ask to meet you at the Abandoned Coast once again, this time just northeast of Marowen, on a cliff facing the coast.

The Sodden Pact quest is automatically started after completing the previous quest, as all you need to do is speak with Roina to continue.

Where to find Sodden Growths in Diablo 4

On to the main part of the quest, you are tasked to find 5 piles of Sodden Growths hair. If this is your first time hunting for them, then you might not know what they look like.

Sodden Growths are large piles of hair that are seen lying on the ground. You can click on them to interact with them and grab a small piece of the wight’s hair.

Since you are tasked to find five different Sodden Growths, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t find them in the same place. However, you’re in luck because they’re all scattered around within a small quest area (the area marked by a blue outline).

You can most often find them in houses that you can access and along the edges of the outline. If you refer to the map image below, you can see that the first one is located in the center of the quest area/search zone.

Sodden Growths map locations in Diablo 4

This one is located inside the wooden house, which is right above the Rotting Outhouse Cellar. Moving on, you can find two more each to the north and the south of this Sodden Growth, along the edges of the search zone.

The one to the far south, i.e. number 5 on the map, is also located inside a wooden house, while the rest can be found outside, but right beside other wooden houses.

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