How To Get Missed Legendary Drops In Diablo 4

As you fight demons in Diablo 4, you will get legendary drops which can be missed. Fortunately, you can get them later. Here is how to do so!

The Diablo franchise is known to possess several Legendary drops for players to collect and Diablo 4 is no exception. As you explore the large open world of Diablo 4, you are bound to have missed certain legendary drops while completing certain objectives.  

However, the game introduces a neat feature that allows you to receive missed Legendary drops in your stash. If you are wondering how this feature works, then below we will be showing you how to get missed Legendary drops in Diablo 4. 

How to get missed legendary drops in Diablo 4 

Before you can get missed legendary drops, you must know the best locations with the highest legendary drop rate in Diablo 4. Below we have given the best places to look for legendary items. We also explain how you can get the missed legendary drops in Diablo 4: 

Explore the Radiance Field Cemetery 

You will come across one of the highest rates of Legendary drops when exploring the Radiance Field Cemetery. You will take part in an event that revolves around killing a wave of adversaries rushing your way. This event is known to provide several Legendary items.  

Get missed legendary drops in the stash 

Even if you have explored certain areas, and have completed objectives, there are chances you can miss dropped Legendary items.

The worst case occurs when Legendary items are marked with a star on the Diablo 4 map. Players then simply teleport back to the town and use a portal to reach the marked location.  

However, as they reach the location, the star marked on the map will disappear. This will indicate that they have missed the opportunity to collect the Legendary drop.  

However, if you take a look at your Stash, you will see that the legendary items have been placed in it. The newly added drop will also be followed up with a message saying that you missed it.  

Do I have to empty my stash? 

No, you do not have to empty your stash. Legendary Drops have their own special stabs in Diablo 4, so they will not take any extra space in your stash.

You do not have to be worried about your storage running low just because of Legendary Drops taking space.

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