Diablo 4 Invisible Wall Bug Fix

You might sometimes be unable to enter a new area or room due to an invisible wall blocking your path in Diablo 4. Here's how to fix it.

If you ever found your path blocked by an invisible wall, know that it is a bug, or glitch for that matter, in Diablo 4. You will be unable to progress any further, or at least through that intended path. Your only option will be to either find any other way forward or take up another quest or activity.

The invisible wall bug is reportedly due to overloaded Diablo 4 servers. Though, many players have reported to be facing the wall glitch at the start of Act 3: The Making of Monsters in the main campaign.

As the servers get too crowded by players, a rubberbanding effect happens that makes it difficult for the servers to pinpoint your location. So, every time you enter a new area the server fails to update your new location and then you jump back to your original location.

How to fix the Invisible Wall bug in Diablo 4

Even though there is no set fix for the Invisible Wall bug in Diablo 4, you can try the following methods in the hope that the issue resolves itself. Since the issue is inherently due to the overcrowding of the game’s servers, you may even have to wait it out, so it resolves itself.

Leave the area

The Diablo 4 game devs Blizzard have acknowledged the Invisible Wall Glitch, and this is their recommended solution for the issue.

The glitch primarily occurs every time you fast-travel or enter a new area, leaving and returning can give the game time to reload the environment of the new location and often resolve the issue.

Wait for the game to load

Waiting for the servers to load out the environment as well as allowing them to update your new location has also worked in solving the Invisible Wall Glitch in Diablo 4 for many players.

Enter the new location on foot

Fast traveling and teleporting to new locations can put extra stress on servers as they update your new location in their data. So, getting there on foot can give the game extra time to load up everything and iron out the bug.

Restart the game

If all else fails, close and relaunch Diablo 4. This will allow the game to relaunch its location files, allowing any server lag to resolve itself so you can continue forward in the new area.

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