How To Fix The Holy Chalice Bug In Diablo 4

The holy chalice bug in Diablo 4 prevents players from progressing in the Sister Octavia questline as the chalice stays in inventory...

One of the side quest chains in Diablo 4 has players helping out Sister Octavia perform some exorcisms on residents of Sanctuary to cleanse them of demons. Unfortunately, the quest chain has a rather annoying bug. An item required for the quest, Holy Chalice, bugs out during this side quest in Diablo 4 and prevents players from progressing.

While there is no permanent fix for the holy chalice bug in Diablo 4 until the devs release a patch, we have written a workaround to help you progress with this side quest. With that being said, let us have a clear understanding of the Holy Chalice Bug and then dive into resolving this issue once and for all.

How to fix the Holy Chalice bug in Diablo 4

This bug takes place when you change your World Tier while attempting the Sister Octavia questline. 

This questline entails a total of three quests

  • The first quest is Malady of the Soul
  • The second one is Depths of Despair
  • And the third one, Faith In Blood

What happens in this bug is that the Holy Chalice (an item needed for finishing the quest) tends to remain in its place after the completion of the questline, while it is actually supposed to disappear as soon as Sister Octavia quests are finished.

For example, if you have done the “Malady of the Soul” quest in World Tier 2 and go for the “Depths of Despair” quest in World Tier 3, the bug is likely to occur in this case. Since the Holy Chalice stays in your inventory from the previous quest, you are unable to start the new one.

There are a couple of ways you can adopt to solve this repetitive issue. Below is the breakdown of all of these solutions.

The first and the only effective way to avoid this bug that has worked for everyone is to play in the Same World Tier while doing Sister Octavia questline. This will not let the bug happen in the first place, so there will be no need for any further solution.

If you have somehow changed the tier, and are stuck with constantly seeing this item for an annoying amount of time, there are two ways to go now.

  • Use the Kyovashad Waypoint in Fractured Peaks to teleport to the main city. Reportedly, it will get you out of the stuck situation. However, remember that it is not a very reliable fix and has worked only for a handful of gamers.
  • You can also do a quest received from an NPC who is usually present beside the Kyovashad Waypoint. Some players have also reported that this resolved the issue they were facing. The only problem is that this NPC appears rarely, so this fix is also quite unsatisfactory.

This means that if you have already fallen victim to this bug and no fix from the above list comes to the rescue, the only way left is to hope that developers will fix it themselves soon.

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